Chenoah accepts the award under the watchful eyes of his fiance

Even Paris has moved away Chenoa And her fiance, Miguel Sanchez Encinas. The couple and their future marriage have arrived in the French capital for the final evening party Global gifts, Which was held on the evening of October 30th this year.The interpreter had the most special day because she was awarded Empowerment Award for Women. This award is given to inspiring women who have been around many people’s lives because of their social responsibilities and work.

Chenoa and Miguel Sánchez Encinas./Gtres

For grand occasions, the singer chose an asymmetrical black dress with folds on the hips and sexy openings on one side. She chose a series with separate sides, and chose a make-up with brown tones as the protagonist.On the other hand, the former players Triumphant Action Already done Look Pair with jewellery shoes with the same tone as the design. It was endorsed by María Bravo and Eva Longoria, the hosts of the evening. While she was on stage to accept the award, her fiance looked at her with extremely proud eyes from the guest area.

Chenoa at an event in Paris. / Gtres

“Thank you for your love,” Chenoa wrote on his Instagram account. He also shared some photos of the night, and he shines like a real Hollywood star. “Congratulations! The prize is well-deserved! I am glad to have you on this special night. Thank you!”, responded to the organization of the event.

October has undoubtedly become the great month of previous victories.A few days before receiving the above award, he is celebrating an anniversary that will change his life forever: 20 years Triumphant Action. Music talent made her famous in one fell swoop, and because of it. An experience you will never forget. «I have never found an accurate word to describe so many emotions that I have experienced. I have seen the opportunities that I have pursued over the years. I feel adrenaline is full of hope to achieve my goals, and that feeling is very wonderful,” he said in an interview. Hi!.

María Laura Corradini Falomir (better known as Chenoa) is in a period of professional success. The artist has just released a song called El Chisme in collaboration with Carlos Baute, and as she revealed to the media on her birthday, she is also immersed in the concert tour.

Chenoa and her fiance. /Gtres

Personally, he is also experiencing a glorious time. Due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, Chenoa and Miguel Sanchez Encinas will pass the altar after having to suspend the link up to two times. The singer explained that on the day of the celebration, everyone was vaccinated and things improved.

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