Chelo García-Cortes responds to Pepe Navarro’s “Deluxe” invitation


Was last Friday afternoon because help me They started the weekend with bombs. Carlota Corredera is responsible for revealing the next guest Saturday Deluxe Room That will be Pepe Navarro. After not being interviewed for nearly twelve years, the host of the TV show Tonight we cross the mississippi Has decided to sit in front of Jorge Javier Vázquez Make it clear that Alejandro Reyes is not his son. Space Director Patricia González (Patricia González) made this point, ensuring that the people from Cordoba provided various presentation materials to end his relationship with Ivonne Reyes (Ivonne Reyes). ) battle.

Carlota Corredera in “Save Me” / Telecinco

The good news made all the collaborators leave help me The jaw dropped, no wonder. In order to prove the so-called parent-child relationship of her predecessor, the actress went through difficulties and obstacles and asked him to take a DNA test to confirm this. Pepe flatly rejected the analysis, which is why the judge gave Ivonne a reason to confirm that Navarro is the father of her son. However, if the author knows that he is not the father of this young man, why is he not interested in accepting this paternity test?According to Chelo García-Cortés, several close friends of Pepe advised him not to do this, including Isabel Jamio: “Isabelle Jamio always tells him not to take the exam. Why does he take the exam?”, He revealed, implying that the reporter is not optimistic that his professional colleagues will pass this test to solve any questions, so he knows it himself.

Chelo García-Cortés in'Sálvame' / Telecinco
Chelo García-Cortés in’Sálvame’ / Telecinco

Within a moment, Gemio denied this information in the following ways David Baldeperas. The correspondent contacted the director help me Assure you that the information provided by Chelo is wrong: “According to the news, Isabel Jamio never told him. More importantly, when Isabel Jamio was interviewed on the radio, Pepe Navarro was interviewed and he said: “You Should take the exam”Valdeperas explained. But these words did not convince the project collaborators, she still firmly believes in her beliefs: “One thing he said on the radio, another thing he said privately”, He was sentenced.

David Valdeperas and Carlota Corera in
David Valdeperas and Carlota Corera in “Salvame” / Telecinco

Despite this, the fact is that this kind of paternity test has never happened, and it is doubtful who Alejandro Reyes’ father is for his 21 years of life. Although he refused, for a while, Pepe changed his mind and wanted to end the uncertainty of other children by taking a DNA test.But the opponent was Yvonne, It accepted the ruling, stating that the host is the biological father of his son. Tired of so many arguments, Navarro proposed that “legal truth will not adapt to genetic truth” Because of this, he will do everything possible to end this war once and for all.

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