Cheese Hamburger Steak Sushi?!? A Japanese convenience store chain is throwing tradition out the window


It’s not the only sushi undergoing a metamorphosis at Family Mart.

Japan’s three largest convenience store chains – 7 eleven, Lawsonand Family Market — they’re constantly inventing new products to win over customers, and this month Family Mart outshines them all.

The chain is currently causing a stir among fans of convenience stores because of two new products in the sushi section that do not meet traditional standards.

▼ The first item is Cheese Hamburger Steak Sushiwhich costs 198 yen (US$1.42)…

… and the second product is Chestnut Inari Sushiwhich sells for 155 yen.

Our odd food specialist, Mr. Sato, was ready for this new culinary adventure, so he picked up both products and took them back to the office for a taste test.

▼ Started his review with Cheese Hamburger Steak Sushi

Hamburg steak is a popular dish in Japan, and although minced meat pate is usually served on a plate with rice, this is the first time Mr. Sato has seen the dish in such a convenient, handy form.

So… how did it taste?

“It doesn’t taste bad! I predicted that the vinegared sushi rice and the teriyaki style sauce would clash in flavor, but it turns out I was wrong as there was no flavor clash. Come to think of it, I’ve heard that Hamburg sushi is not uncommon in conveyor belt sushi restaurants, so in some ways it was probably only a matter of time before this type of product appeared in convenience stores.”

Then we have inarizushi, or “inari sushi” as Family Mart calls it, which consists of rice in a pocket of seasoned fried tofu.

Autumn is the season for chestnuts, so now is the time to eat them, but Mr. Sato has never tried chestnuts and rice in such a pocket of tofu before.

Looking closer, Mr. Sato could see the chestnuts sticking out of the rice.

▼ Here it goes…

Chestnuts are known for their sweetness and crunchy texture. Well, it should be, but this product seemed to miss those two features. The sweetness of the chestnuts disappeared under the taste of the vinegared rice and they were cooked to the point where they had no noticeable texture.

It was a bit of a disappointment, but Mr. Sato ultimately saw it as a positive change. Family Mart is often seen as the underdog of the big three chains when it comes to boxed lunches and the likes of this one, so instead of chastising them for Inari’s chestnut sushi, he decided to commend them for being brave enough to try something new.

Plus, the Cheese Hamburg Sushi was tasty, so Mr. Sato thinks it’s a promising sign that the chain will bring more good stuff. Let’s hope they stick with it and continue to improve their offerings so Family Mart’s sushi may one day become as famous as their Famichiki, a fried chicken so iconic it even has your own mascot with a whole story.

Reference: FamilyMart
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