Check out Adanna Madueke’s Take On the Yarn Twist Trend


Check out Adanna Madueke’s Take On the Yarn Twist Trend

If you’re the type of person who likes to explore colors and protective styles, yarn twists are a fun way to update your everyday look. You can replace your usual synthetic yarn accessory with traditional two-strand twists.

In her latest video, beauty Youtuber Adanna Madeke shared a yarn twist style tutorial that you can try at home.

She wrote on her channel:

In today’s video I show you all how to achieve this protective style on short 4C natural hair. This video is specifically in reference to a tutorial on how to make this beautiful DIY short yarn twist for $1 that is a little like a passion twist and more like a jumbo twist but with our natural hair.

If you also can’t grasp the roots of your braids or want to achieve this short fluffy twist without a crochet hook, I’ve got you! I love the fact that I got to rock this short yarn twist bob for every season from spring to summer to fall to even winter season. I hope you all find this DIY easy step-by-step tutorial for short yarn twists useful while showing you how to achieve this short yarn twist look with No Crochet.




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