Check ONCE today, Monday November 21, 2022: Daily Coupon and Super ONCE


The raffles of ELEVEN of today, Monday, November 21, 2022are happening right now and in a few moments we will know the results and the winning numbers of Daily coupon and Super ONCE.

ONCE daily coupon

The ONCE daily coupon is a raffle that takes place every day from Monday to Thursday and distributes 55 prizes of 35,000 euros. During this draw, 5 balls between 0 and 9 corresponding to tens of thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and units are drawn, giving rise to the winning number which is composed of one of the 100,000 five-digit numbers between 00000 and 99999 plus a serial number between 1 and 55.

The ONCE daily coupon is priced at 1.50 euros and you can play La Paga for just 0.50 euros more for each coupon.

How to Play ONCE Daily Coupon

Will play ONCE Daily Coupon It’s very simple: just access your JuegosONCE account, the official ONCE website or through authorized points of sale. You just have to choose a number, which can be random or you can try to choose a date or an ending that you like, and that’s it. If you want to play La Paga de la ONCE, you can do so for only 0.50 euros more per coupon.

ONCE Daily Coupon Price

The ONCE Daily Coupon Price They are:

  • 55 price of €35,000 five digits
  • 55 price of 500 euros at the full number, before the winning number
  • 55 price of 500 euros to the complete number, after the winning number
  • 495 price of 200 euro up to the last four digits
  • 4,950 price of 20 euros to the last three digits
  • 49,500 prizes of 6 euros to the last two digits
  • 495,000 price of €1.50 to the last digit
  • 494,890 price of €1.50 to the first number

pay prices

The prices of The ONCE payment They are:

  • additional price of €3,000 per month for 25 years at 5 figures of the Daily Coupon and series
  • additional price of €0.50 to the first digit of the Daily Coupon
  • additional price of €0.50 until the last issue of the Coupon of the day

super eleven

The super eleven It’s a game where you have to choose between 5 and 11 numbers among the 80 available. For the draw, 20 balls are drawn from the 80 available and the prize obtained will depend on the number of numbers chosen, the amount played and the number of strokes obtained.

To play Super ONCE, which is played every day from Monday to Sunday, the minimum bet is 1 euro and there are three daily draws which take place at 10:00 a.m. – you can buy your numbers until 09:40 a.m. -, a second draw which takes place at 12.00 p.m. -you can buy your coupon until 11.40 a.m.-, and a third draw which takes place at 9.15 p.m. -you can buy your coupon until 8.00 p.m.:45 p.m.

Super ONCE Rewards

The super eleven prize They will vary depending on the number of numbers played and the number of hits. Here is the price breakdown according to the collection:

  • Combination 11: 54.9%
  • Combination 10: 54.5%
  • Combination 9: 54.8%
  • Combination 8: 54.9%
  • Combination 7: 54.8%
  • Combination 6: 54.7%
  • Combination 5: 54.2%


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