Chavo del 8: this was the humble house where Ramón Valdés lived Code List


sir ramonplayed by the dearest Ramon Valdeshas always been one of the most beloved characters in the children’s series “The boy from 8”. And it is that the curmudgeon, but humble father of La Chilindrina and who always received blows from Chavo got into the hearts of fans all over America. And it is something that became clear every time the characters traveled for their tours.

The character of La Vecindad had many points in common with the real Ramon Valdes. But the one that surely they did not share was that of being grumpy, since in real life the interpreter of sir ramon he was more than nice and very generous with his fans (especially with children). What the two Ramones surely shared was humility. Because, just as the neighbor of “The boy from 8” He did not have much money, the actor did not manage to put together a great fortune either.

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