Chase Oliver, gay, pro-gun candidate leads Georgia to runoff


Neither red nor blue. Neither Republicans nor Democrats.Two days after US ‘midterm elections’, Georgia turns its attention to Chase Oliver, a self-proclaimed libertarian “Supporters of guns and gays” He didn’t make it until Wednesday night 2% of the vote, leading the decision in the key state to the second round.

His candidacy denies any major Democratic majority Raphael Warnock and Republicans Herschel Walker, which will force them to see their faces again in the Dec. 6 poll. Control of the U.S. Senate awaits three key states: Georgia, Nevada and Arizona, and may depend on that outcome.

in the statement New York TimesChase Oliver denies allegations of sowing chaos. “I can’t destroy what’s already rotten”he told the newspaper. “This is the bipartisan state of Washington at the moment: it’s rotten.”

When it all started, back in June, Oliver could only get $7,700 in fundingknew he couldn’t win the race, but his goal was to achieve what just happened: The second lap, in his words, highlighted the state’s problems.

Oliver Accumulation Over 81,000 votes cast, according to official statistics. That’s more than double the gap between the two leading candidates. Warnock led Wednesday afternoon with about 1,941,000 votes to Walker with 1,906,000.

Minimum margin means Oliver voters can decide the runoff, if everyone supports the candidate. But for now, it’s unclear who Oliver will support, Warnock, the pastor of the church where Martin Luther King Jr. preached, or Walker, a football star with a tumultuous personal life endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

In the second round, the Oliver plan, which supports gun rights, marijuana legalization, abortion and immigration reform, passed activist role. He floated the idea of ​​debating both candidates, asking them the questions that matter to liberal voters so they can decide who to trust.

Historically, Republicans have the edge in most Georgia runoffs. But some political observers believe the upcoming vote could favor Warnock, given his personal scandalous history.

third game

Third-party candidates are nothing new in American politics. In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt As a member of the Progressive Party, he played an important role. In 2000, some accused Ralph Nader of helping George W. Bush win Florida and the presidency.

Some Liberal candidates have wielded enormous clout in recent years, especially in elections that have hovered around a few percentage points. 2020 Liberal candidates, Joe Jorgenson, His performance was significant enough to tip the scales in favor of Joe Biden.

In Georgia that same year, Liberal Senate candidate Shane Hazel won the general election with 115,039 votes, more than the gap between Republican David Perdue and Democrats. Jon Ossoff. Ossoff beat Perdue in the tiebreaker, showing how a tiebreaker can jump into the dark.



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