Chase Claypool has no regrets about wasting time celebrating the Steelers’ defeat by the Vikings


TI have Pittsburgh Steelers lost Minnesota Vikings after nearly completing a comeback after losing 29-0 in the third quarter. Chase Claypool had first hit with less than a minute on the clock and there are no more timeouts left for Pittsburgh.

Instead of rushing back to the line of battle, Claypool took a moment to make his priority celebrationpointing towards the end zone. Guard Steelers Try Turner showed urgency in trying to take the ball away from Claypool, and as the clock continued to run, the ball hit the ground, more seconds from ticker

The referee finally returned the ball to the line for Ben rothlisberger to spike and stop the clock. Claypool then yelled at Turner for taking the ball from him, but if not for his celebration, the Steelers might at least one more possession

Claypool Explains Wasted Time Incident

When asked to explain the incident, Claypool took no responsibility… Instead, he said that the referee was not even in the zone. Claypool was previously withdrawn from the game after 15 yard penalty for unnecessary unevenness

“It should definitely be better,” Claypool said. “They grabbed me near the hash, made my little first point and went to give the ball to ref. He just arrived.

“SW, even if i stood up straight and looked for him, he was not there. He ran across the field to pick up the ball. V the ball was knocked out of my hands

That’s what cost us our time… But I definitely need to get better. I knew the situation, ”he added.

When asked about the incident, Big Ben brushed it off, saying, “This is not really my job.… For me it goes well with Trainer [Mike] Tomlin… “

The Steelers have a sour history with wide receivers

Claypool’s lack of awareness and discipline This isn’t new to the black and yellow franchise when it comes to receivers. Juju Smith-Schuster and what’s more, Antonio BrownBoth had their own problems while playing for Pittsburgh.

Smith-Schuster Holiday “Corvette, Corvette” became a nuisance for the Steelers, especially after his performances began to decline. Brown, on the other hand, had several incidents with Coach Tomlin, but his talented once a generation let him get away from most outbursts of anger.

Claypool does not have AB powers, so he most likely to be in the kennel Progress. Steelers, who has a 6-6-1 record, will see Tennessee titans and Kansas City Executives in the next couple of weeks.

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