Charlize Theron used to make fun of Marvel movies, wants to revisit Mad Max


Appearing in pictures ranging from Monster to Mad Max to Long Shot, Charlize Theron has made it hard to pigeonhole as one type of actor or another. Despite this, even she admits that she doesn’t always see what other people see in a project right away, as is the case with her thoughts on Mad Max: Fury Road and the MCU in a new interview with the hollywood reporter.

While Mad Max: Fury Road was billed as a critically acclaimed return to form for director George Miller, reports of a tough and controversial set, especially when it came to Theron and her co-star Tom Hardy, followed him around. parts. Looking back on the 2015 film, Theron has much kinder words for the movie, though he phrases them in warnings for younger actors.

“I never really appreciated or respected George Miller’s vision until I saw [the completed film and] she said, ‘Oh my gosh, this is what was in her head the whole time and she couldn’t hear it,’ Theron said. “So it’s the only movie where I say, ‘If I had another chance, I’d get a little more than what I tried to do in the first one.'”

That said, Theron doesn’t want younger actors to think they need to burn out on movies like that.

“I hate to say this because I never want to encourage young actors or storytellers to believe that they need trauma or sacrifice because I really, really don’t think you do, but there’s a little bit about the circumstances around that movie that I think gave him the Magic. It doesn’t mean it always has to be this way, but I think somehow the lightning in a bottle that you’re always trying to catch happened in that movie. But, man, it was crap. **tough,” Theron said.

More recently, however, Theron appeared in the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness post-credits sequence as Clea, a sorceress who comes to Strange for help at the end of the film. However, she was not always so interested in movies.

“I was ignorant, I did not know those [Marvel] movies well enough until a family I consider my adoptive family made me watch them. They’re crazy Marvel fans, and I always used to make fun of them,” Theron explained. Like, ‘Oh my gosh, you guys are so nerdy. Then one spring break, we rented a house and our kids were at camp and they said, ‘You’ve got to sit and watch. So, we watched all the movies and I was like, ‘OMG, they’re so fucking good.’ And the children also joined, and it was a very pleasant trip. And there’s a mythology around it and it’s been thought through decades with Clea, and that challenges me. Like, how do you reinvent that? So, I’m excited, but I honestly don’t know what the hell it’s going to be.”

The third Doctor Strange movie hasn’t been announced yet, even as a future Marvel project, so it’s probably a few years away, but it sounds like Theron wants to have a good time with the feature when it arrives. As Theron prepares for that, Mad Max director Miller is filming Mad Max: Furiosa, a prequel to Theron’s character, with Anya Taylor-Joy in the role. Mad Max: Furiosa will be released in 2024.

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