Charles Oliveira: A champion defeated by quirky scales?


WithHarles Olivier turned out to be an unstoppable whirlwind for Justin Gaethje in the main event UFC 274but what his adversary couldn’t do seems to have a set of tricky weights.

There’s no question that “Before the Bronx” is the best lightweight in the world, but the title is now vacant after he failed to make weight at the official weigh-in held by the state athletic commission.

The Brazilian claimed that the day before he had gained the correct weight according to the UFC scale and Dana White warned that from now on he would be guarded by security personnel so that no one could interfere with him.

Oliveira won via submission at 3:22 of the first round. He wanted to set the pace, but Gaethje responded with kicks and punches.

The American even delivered a strong right hook that knocked down the opponent. The move was repeated a second later. However, The Highlight knew it wasn’t a good idea to lay down on the ground with Do Bronx.

As soon as Oliveria got the opportunity, I finished the fight on canvas and then challenged Conor McGregor. The winner of the evening, however, failed to take home his championship belt.

According to the Sao Paulo fighter, he wasn’t the only one who noticed that the scale the UFC provided for the weigh-in didn’t match the one the state athletic commission overseeing the event used for the official weigh-in.

“We’re going to have to beef up security,” said Dana White, who blamed the international fighters for being able to touch something on the car.


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