Charles III officially announces king, Elizabeth II’s funeral to take place on September 19


Charles III was officially proclaimed king in a historic ceremony in London on Saturday, September 10, and Elizabeth II’s funeral was declared September 19, two days after her death. Step by step, 73-year-old Charles III settles down as head of state with the difficult task of succeeding an ultra-popular monarch due to his sense of responsibility and keeping the monarchy alive during the longest historic reign in British history and be respected.

The ceremony at St James’s Palace was attended by around 200 dignitaries, including new Prime Minister Liz Truss and six of her predecessors, and was televised for the first time in history. “My mother’s reign is unparalleled in its duration, devotion, and dedication (…). I am well aware of this great legacy, the duty and burden of the sovereign, which is now passed on to me.said Charles III.

The conclusions of the meeting were then announced on the balcony of the palace, and an announcement ceremony was repeated in the city an hour later. “Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is now, after the death of the monarch in our happy memory, our Charles III… God bless the king”, the statement said, although Charles automatically becomes monarch upon the Queen’s death. Then horns sounded, and cannons were fired across England. Late on Saturday afternoon, Liz Truss and MPs, including Labour opposition leader Keir Starmer, took a rare oath of allegiance to the king in the House of Commons.

state funeral

Charles’ eldest son, Prince William, In tribute to his grandmother Claiming that he would support his father, the king, “in every possible way”. “She has been by my side during the happiest of times of my life. She has been by my side during the saddest days of my life. I know this day is coming, but it will take me some time to adjust to the reality of living without my grandma. “said the man who is now the Prince of Wales. “While mourning his passing, I am also incredibly grateful”he added, noting that he benefited from “His Wisdom and Comfort” Forty years.

Heir to the throne Prince William and his brother Harry, along with their respective wives Kate and Meghan, prayed together at Windsor Castle on Saturday afternoon before flowers were laid in honour of Queen Elizabeth II.

At the end of the afternoon, Prince William, his wife Kate, his brother Harry and his wife Meghan appeared at the gates of Windsor Castle to meditate in front of the flowers laid by the public in honour of the monarch. This is the first public appearance of the two brothers and couples together since March 9, 2020. Two black-clad couples known for their ruthlessness created a surprise amid cheering applause from the audience.

Buckingham Palace also announced that the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who will be 96 after 70 years on the throne, will be held at Westminster Abbey at 11am (noon Paris time). King Charles III has declared a public holiday for a state funeral in the UK. Leaders from around the world are expected to attend. Among them: Joe Biden, President of the United States; Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic; Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission; or Emperor Naruhito of Japan.

far less popular than its mother

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin will be moved to Edinburgh on Sunday in a long procession, during which the hearse will pass through Aberdeen and Dundee in particular. He will arrive in the Scottish capital at 5pm (Paris time). Following a ceremony in Edinburgh, the remains will travel to London on Tuesday and will rest for four days in Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the Houses of Parliament, after marching through the capital’s streets on Wednesday. Open to the public 23 hours a day.

Charles III came to the throne at a difficult time, Britain faced its worst economic crisis in four decades, and four prime ministers succeeded in six years. At 73, he was the oldest British monarch at the beginning of his reign, but he was far less popular than his mother, who knew how to maintain the monarchy’s prestige and did not give interviews or speak out for herself.

But there was a standing ovation when the new king returned to Buckingham from Scotland on Friday afternoon. Accompanied by his wife Camilla, who became queen, he shook hands with dozens of people outside the palace.

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