Charlene de Monaco’s tribute to her children for their birthday


Monaco has dressed up for the birthday of little Jacques and Gabriella, who today celebrate eight laps around the sun. A very marked day in Charlene’s calendar, which she has not hesitated to show off as her children through social networks, as she is used to doing. Prince Albert’s wife has opened her most personal album and has created his own congratulations with an emotional video that has traveled the whole world.

In the publication of her Instagram, the former swimmer has rescued several unpublished images of the little ones in the house in which they appear at official events, family trips, museums, etc. The perfect example of complicity maintained by Jacques and Gabriella, who have already become a real claim for their spontaneous behavior at official events and the maturity they have shown.

The alegrías de Palacio came to the world on December 10, 2014 through a scheduled cesarean section. Gabriella was born at 5:94 p.m. and Jacques did so two minutes later, what no one expected is that, with the passage of time, they would manage to find a place for themselves in the hearts of the entire world. Since that day, every December 10 is a national holiday. Today, eight years later, the little ones continue to grab headlines.

As the Monegasque Royal House has shared on their social networks, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene have enjoyed a family day with your children, participating in the conditioning of the juvenile turtles that will leave the Oceanographic Museum to join the turtle village of Senegal. A day full of feelings that the little ones will always remember.

Jacques and Gabriella in 2018

And it is that, it should be noted that the day is even more special since it is the first birthday that the princess spends with her children since her illness. It was during the spring of last year when the princess, during her stay in South Africa, suffered a health problem. An ENT infection that affected her ears and throat, for which she had to undergo surgery and paralyze her responsibilities with the Crown for more than six months. She had to undergo surgery up to three times, which also caused her to be away from her family, the hardest part for her.

Jacques and Gabriella in 2021 / Gtres
Jacques and Gabriella in 2021

But for whom it has also been a difficult stage, it has been for Jacques and Gabriella, who have had to live for several months without their mother’s warmth. But this is not the only one family drama which they have to face because, if something characterizes the Grimaldi clan, that is the instability and clashes between family members. A clear example in the bad relationship that Princess Charlene has with Carolina de Monaco and that they have not hidden on any occasion.


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