Charlene and Alberto: united and happy before an important date


It’s no secret that the Monaco National Day It is one of the favorite dates for Alberto and Charlene. Every November 19, the Principality is decked out to commemorate its festival. It is a commitment that the couple is delighted to fulfill, since it is synonymous with sharing and coexistence. For this, they are already warming up with all the acts framed in said celebration.

Alberto and Charlene, at a Red Cross / Gtres event

This Wednesday, November 16, 2022, the Sovereign Prince and his wife presided over the distribution of gifts at the Monaco Red Cross headquarters. The princely couple was received by the association’s volunteers in a courteous and warm manner. Charlene was offered a bouquet of flowers and both affectionately thanked those present for the treatment and all the daily work they do to help people in need. For this act, the princess has worn an emerald green dress from the Swiss firm Akris, of which she is one of its most important ambassadors.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this solidarity day of the Monegasque leaders has been that they have been accompanied by Camille Gottlieb, the youngest daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, who maintains an excellent relationship with her uncle. Despite being used to going unnoticed, her presence at some important events in Monaco progressively increases her importance within the Grimaldi family and she has already postulated herself as the heiress invisible of the Principality

Alberto and Charlene, at a Red Cross / Gtres event
Alberto and Charlene, at a Red Cross / Gtres event

Going back to Charlene and Alberto, the two have exhibited a good harmony, being united at all times. Gone are the divorce rumors that have resounded strongly for many months. It must be remembered that there were voices from within the family that spoke openly with the press about a possibility of a breakup that seemed real. Alberto de Monaco’s aunt told in the Italian magazine oggi that «I spoke with him and I had an unpleasant impression and I understood that Alberto no longer got along with Charlène, that they no longer agreed. That’s why, In my opinion, it could soon lead to a divorce (…) Alberto has outlined it to me like this, Let’s say it between the lines.” Nothing is further from reality.

There has been no divorce, but the two have had to face a very tough process, especially as a result of the mental health problems that the former swimmer brought from her very long stay in South Africa. She recently turned one year old his return. It was November 8, 2021 when the former swimmer finally stepped on Monegasque soil after an ordeal that affected her at all levels and forced her to heal her head in a specialized European clinic.

It will be this coming Saturday, November 19, when the Grimaldis meet again in full to celebrate Monaco Day. The dome will be there presiding over the traditional military parade, which always coincides with the name day of Rainier III. This will be the first time we see Charlene after miss it last year for their problems, so the expectation to see the classic image of everyone in full on the balcony is huge.


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