Charlene and Alberto face criticism by turning into improvised ‘Wise Men’


Less than a week after their children’s birthday, the princes Jacques and Gabriella, Prince Albert and his wife, Princess Charlene, have participated in one of the most endearing commitments on the Principality’s agenda. The couple has gone to the traditional Christmas gift delivery by the Red Crossone of the appointments that the Grimaldi family has never missed for several years.

Dressed in a total look in tan and working, the former swimmer was very smiling throughout the day. It is the first time that the Princess has participated in this act since her return from South Africa. And it is that last year, Charlene could not be present at this commitment since she was still recovering from the consequences of the infection for which she had to stay for so many months in the African country. It was her children, Princes Jacques and Gabriella, in the company of her aunt, Princess Estefanía, who were in charge of distributing the gifts.

Although recently the prince albert He has said that his wife has not yet fully recovered from the consequences of her illness, the truth is that the Princess has an increasingly intense schedule. A few days ago, she herself gave an interview to the portal monaco matin, in which he opened up about his current situation and spoke, among other things, of how he sees the evolution of his children, who have just turned eight years old: “they are two children who have their own language and who understand each other. They love and protect each other and share immense benevolence with each other,” said the Princess.

Prince Albert’s wife also commented that he is getting better, although he still needs time to fully rebalance. A complicated process in which he, luckily, he has the support of his loved ones: “step by step, day by day,” she said.

Princes Alberto and Charlene, at a Red Cross event in Monaco / Gtres

Since Princess Charlene returned from South Africa and resumed her commitments, her schedule has grown, although she still has a long way to go, as she herself has confirmed. Throughout the months that she has been away, she princesses Caroline and Stephanie they have been the best support for the sovereign, although now they have taken a small step back in favor of Charlene. What’s more, the couple strives to convey an image of unity and stability, after having been constantly in the spotlight for an alleged crisis between them. Crisis that both Alberto and Charlene have made an effort to categorically deny with gestures and words.


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