Chaos strikers at Barcelona


BarcelonaPlanning for the 2022/23 season is going smoothly, but there is one position that is of particular concern because it is a top priority for coaches and directors, and because it is the most difficult for them to strengthen: the centre-forward position.

The big obstacle is the desire of the entity to strengthen this particular area. They need an elite level player at all costs, which is difficult in their current financial climate.

To date, there is nothing definite in Barcelona.

Joan Laporta was after Erling Haland during a year. The Norwegian was one of the names on his list during pre-season. Laporta and others contacted Borussia Dortmund player’s environment.

But the Norwegian footballer has a lot of fans and the deal will cost around 250 million euros. The Catalans find his arrival very difficult, but they do not give up. Those in charge of sports are working on recruiting him and will continue to do so.

They do not give up, despite the fact that the clubs of profile and financial power Manchester entered the auction.

But the Camp Nou offices are also realistic, so they are looking for other options. What is clear to Laporte is that he wants the centre-forward to be a star next season, so other names on the agenda include Mohamed Salah and Robert Lewandowskitwo players of proven quality, as in demand and as desirable as Haland.

The president needs a world-class striker, and in that quest, executives are expanding their search.

Problems with salary

But possible signings Salah and Lewandowskiwhich are so simple interest, not easy financially.

The great difficulty lies not so much in the price of their respective signings, but in the salary bill that will come with them, because of the exacting salary cap that Barcelona must adhere to.

Kylian MbappeThe name, on the other hand, is not currently under consideration and the club has not taken any steps in recent weeks to Paris Saint Germain star and international France.

There are more names and profiles on this list, but Laporta hopes that Haland or, otherwise, another world-class player. He will only lower his ambitions if his first options are thwarted.

Plan C will not be put into action until the last moment. Laporta is adamant that the centre-forward should be a big name in the draft.


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