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In the United States, spectacular returns are very much loved, “returns” as they say, after periods of rest. Actor Channing Tatumsuspended for several years after a failed Marvel superhero project, has made two appearances this spring with The Lost City and Here Present. Dog. wild ride, marking one of those full fledged “comebacks” with two films that share a common DNA more typical of past decades’ entertainment and, in the case of a canine road movie, a remarkable personal brand.

Certainly, dog it is directed by Tatum himself and co-creator Reid Carolyn, and is more American than a hamburger, so its existence can only be attributed to the initiative of its star. The film is made in the form of a road movie about the relationship between an ex-soldier who is trying with all his might to return to the front, and the dog of his fellow ranger, who died under circumstances that can only be assumed in the footage. Both man and dog are of different species but share a common past and trauma, and a trip to their best friend’s funeral will cement a relationship where comedy, drama, and even action movies are intertwined in an entertaining way.

Dog. wild ride This is such a pleasant and modest film that one can only love it. It talks about the contempt for soldiers after returning from the front and the multiple physical and psychological consequences of the war, as well as the camaraderie among soldiers with a sense of ethics not seen since the patriotic films about the Bruckheimer factory. Tatum and Carolyn also embellish the story with a touch of humor at the expense of “awakened” generations and their disgusting political correctness, which is surprising in today’s times. Generally dog this is more than a movie about dogs, this is a story about two creatures going through the same trauma, in which an animal helps a person awaken to a new life.

All of this is filmed without frills, but very well, by cinematographer Newton Thomas Siegel, who is able to use the scenery of the interior of North America, at the same time Channing Tatum As an actor, he once again demonstrates that his great dignity on the screen is not in his physique, but in his great naturalness. Dog. So Wild Ride is a minor movie, but at the same time one that accomplishes absolutely everything it sets out to do. And if, as the movie claims, sometimes a dog is bigger than a dog, even a simple movie can be more than that.



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