Changes in Denmark’s Joaquin after Queen’s ‘rude’


The situation with the Danish royal family is one of the most complicated on the royal scene at the moment. Queen Margarita’s decision to revoke the titles of her son Joaquin’s grandchildren from next year has sparked many blisters in the family, and despite assurances from the monarch that she regrets the discomfort her decision may cause, he remains adamant Stand by his decision as he believes it is necessary for the agency to survive. Not in vain, other European monarchies have adopted this trend in some way, seeking efficiencies and a dwindling royal family to avoid extra costs to the state.

Prince Joaquin and his children / Gtres

Against this background, it is Prince Joaquin and his family who are most dissatisfied with this new situation. Currently, the heir’s younger brother lives in France with his wife and young children, but his plans appear to have changed.As confirmed by the Danish magazine Bill BrightAfter direct contact with the queen’s son, the prince intends to leave France next summer, once his contract as attaché at the Danish embassy in Paris expires. Changing course for the prince at a difficult time in his life, although at the moment he hasn’t specified what his immediate plans are.

A few days ago, the prince used his attendance at a space innovation event in Toulouse, organised by the Danish embassy in France, to assess his future. «I am very clear and able to speak French, not only to express myself verbally in French, but also to adapt my mentality to the language, which means that in my work as a defense attaché, I can go a step further in French. , because I can perfect the nuances that sometimes get lost in translation. The same goes in the other direction.It’s an amazing job, but it will end in the summer,” said the youngest son Queen Margaret.

Queen Margaret and her two children. / Getreth

Joaquin has been attache to his country’s embassy in Paris since Septemberfrom 2020, but it seems This phase will end next summer. However, the prince’s plans are unclear. It seems that the heir’s brother could consider the possibility of extending his stay in the hometown of his father, Prince Henrik, and start some projects related to the military world. Nonetheless, the fact is that once his contract ends, Joaquin’s family will start a new phase, and despite the current family tensions, a return to Denmark is not ruled out.

Joachim of Denmark
Joachim and Mary of Denmark in file image. / Getreth

“I am delighted to be able to contribute to the industrial harmony between Denmark and France in the field of defense. I will continue to promote this dynamic for as long as possible during this period »announced Queen Margaret’s youngest son, when asked about returning to Denmark, she stressed “will see”.

Except in Joaquin’s case, the fact is that his wife, princess maryhe will also soon end his contract with the embassy in Paris, where he has been a cultural representative since October 2021, so the couple’s connection to the French capital will no longer be a barrier to settling anywhere else .


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