Chanel’s new wellies drive half of Instagram crazy and are almost sold out


There are garments that serve us during several seasons and especially when the weather is bad. don’t tempt luck when it’s about to rain, because with the Chanel’s new wellies you will be the center of attention.

You will see that influencers wear them and now they can also be yours. There are several models and all with the Chanel logo clearly visible.

How are the new Chanel wellies

Design and in various colors. They are part of this season’s collection and for this reason you will love them.

In three colors, there are rubber boots in beige, beige or dark brown and also in black. In all three you will see the logo of the brand in white, being special and something more original. Its price is €1,150, and the heel height is 25 mm so that you really feel much more comfortable, especially when it rains.

You know that they are haute couture boots and that you will have them forever in your closet. In addition, you choose them in different colors and they will always protect you when the weather is bad.

most stylish boots

Also in rubber there is an interesting model with a high top that is perfect for that rainy day. They are the musketeer-style boots in dark beige and black. In this case, the price is somewhat more expensive: €2,200 in a variety of sizes.

Chanel's new wellies drive half of Instagram crazy and are almost sold out

You put them on whenever you want because, even thoughe are ideal for the darkest days of the year, you also wear them on any given day for their design and originality. Also because you will go comfortable everywhere.

They are ideal in a short skirt, with your favorite jeans and leggings, with the most sophisticated jacket suits and even with that long coat. Be that as it may, they always fit perfectly and you cannot be without them.

If you can buy boots like these, I’m sure you will love to take a tour of their website and then buy many other accessoriessuch as the famous bags of the brand, which are the flagship of the history of the world of fashion.

In addition, within the new collection for this winter, there are stylish boots, in leather, clothing, with design, in black, white, suede and brown, more original ankle boots, with laces, with wedges and even the most classic ones. They all carry that logo that identifies them and that offers the guarantee of this great brand.

Do not miss them to finally have one of the most outstanding boots of the moment.


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