Champs Bar is located in Charterhouse.


Hong Kong represents all imaginable western flavors and is a delicious paradise. The question is not only what to eat, but where to eat. The city is full of delicious restaurants, pizzerias and American-style fast food shops. The fabulous cafe, intimate bistro, gourmet sandwich bar and delicate sensations are the perfect place to relax and enjoy great food.

2007 The Charterhouse Hotel opens a new American-style sports bar in early July. Bar is a new home where you can watch 해외축구중계 events in Hong Kong. The Chartreuse Hotel’s Champas Bar is one of the best sports restaurants and bars in the city, easily located between Wanchai and Causeway on Hong Kong Island. The hotel’s restaurants and bars offer guests an unforgettable dining experience.

High school Christmas basketball has become one of the most popular sports. The sport is popular among high school boys and girls.

The dominance of gymnasium Christmas basketball is also reflected in the number of competitors. Media size and attendance are clear indicators of popularity.

The state championships are now televised.

Everyone pays attention to the national rankings of each player. The success of the gymnasium basketball game is a major factor in gymnasium Christmas basketball. The main reasons for this are the ideas of the coaches, team chemistry and community participation. The main reason for this is the work ethic of every participant who played high school Christmas basketball. The importance of the gymnasium Christmas basketball game cannot be overestimated. High School Christmas Basketball brings a bunch of people together. It happens every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

The Christmas tournament is very important for the success of a team.

This is needed to create real group chemistry. It’s interesting and powerful when a team comes back and analyzes their season. Gymnasium Christmas Basketball season whether successful or unsuccessful, if the players improve for a moment they will stop working. The good thing is that they are developing their core idea of ​​high school Christmas basketball and this tournament does not give them a second chance.


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