Centers for violent juveniles in question


A 16-year-old girl has sex with a 14-year-old boy for whom this is the first time. The scene takes place in center for minors and are discovered by caregivers Social. This is the beginning A family, Swiss film director Fred Bailiff that before devoting himself to cinema, he was precisely a social educator at a center for minors. According to the regulations, workers must call the police, but the director of the center refuses despite the fact that some of his classmates wonder if this meeting was desired by both parties or the girl was insulting the boy.


This event will radically change life at the center for minors, as we learn the story of each of the girls who live there, almost all victims of sexual violence. The title of the film refers to how these girls feel about the center, a familythough they don’t always do it in a positive way. The director told us This movie it’s the same they use it with irony and despair“And this makes us wonder if the institution meets the needs of these girls.


He also says that “the priority of educators should be the protection of minors, but the system forces them to prioritize the reputation of the institution.” In Spain, we have seen how this case is taken to an extreme, because reality always trumps fiction, with minors directly trained in prostitution… The Deed That Was To Achieve European Parliament in the face of government refusal to investigate


The director returned to the center where he worked to document himself and select the stories to tell in his film. In fact, many of the leading girls from this center, like its director. An interesting film in which the director is fair does not fall into sentimentality to make you cry to the viewer. As for the way to tell this, it is not the most accurate: jumping back and forth in time and repeating scenes, but filling in empty spaces that were previously empty.

Abortion in the 1960s

Director Audrey Couch, Lebanese descent, adapts to Event eponymous novel Annie Erno in which the author spoke about abortion done in France since 1963 when I was prohibited and punishable by prison… The film introduces us to a young woman of modest background from a small town who is studying at a university. His plans for the future are cut short when discovers that she is pregnant And he will have to choose between having a child, which would mean dropping out of school, or risking hiding, he is not only at legal risk, but also putting his life in danger.


The director preferred to come to the fore and constantly follow the main character in order to convey to the viewer the suffering she is experiencing. He did not regret to show sharply physical consequences of abortion, pain and suffering. And blood. Some scenes are hard to forget. The film received the Golden Lion in Venice and will be distributed in Spain by Caramel films

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