Celebrity’s Love-Hate Relationship with Sports Betting

Celebrity's Love-Hate Relationship with Sports Betting

As gambling is on the rise in North America, many sports stars and music artists are becoming the faces of sportsbooks and casinos.

Michael Jordan is special counsel to DraftKings, Davante Adams is MGM’s ambassador, and Drake is the face of Stake Casino.

In addition to promoting sportsbooks, celebrities’ passion for sports has led them to place big bets on Super Bowl and College sports.

Let’s take a look at some celebrities’ adventures in sports betting.


Drake is said to have made over $1 billion in bets on various sports. His passion for the sport is fierce and he continues to make dazzling bets even today! Now, he’s even part of Stake.com as an ambassador and frequently gives free BTC to other players on the platform.

In the 2022 Super Bowl, Drake made headlines after a huge success. bitcoin bets. Drake took advantage of that. Stake Casino crypto sports betting options, and it turned out to be efficient. He bet the LA Rams $472k to win the trophy, $400,000 to Odell Beckham JR (OBJ) to catch a touchdown, and $400,000 to OBJ to have over 62.5 receiving yards.

The LA Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 and OBJ scored the first goal of the game. Still, he lost his over 62.5 welcome yard bet as OBJ left the field in the fourth quarter due to injury. Overall, it wasn’t a bad day at the office because Drake earned $300,000 in BTC due to his Super Bowl predictions.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather loves sports betting and regularly posts his efforts on social media. As a Las Vegas resident, he takes advantage of Nevada gambling laws and is a frequent bettor on college sports. Still, he doesn’t bet like a normal person, as the minimum bet exceeds $100k.

He has made a lot of money over the years. In college football, he bet Oregon $1 million to beat Arizona State in 2012 and doubled his money in a matter of hours.

In March 2015, Floyd enjoyed a net four-day winning streak of $827,000. He did this by betting on a series of NBA games and predicting that Gennady Golovkin had beaten Willie Monroe Jr. in the boxing ring. He later tweeted, “The last 4 days have been great. I get paid when I entertain others and perform. I don’t do anything for free. I bet $350,000 and left with $827,272.73. ”

Floyd even made a fortune by betting on himself. Yes, you heard, Mayweather kept himself from beating his opponents in the ring. He is said to have earned more than $750 million during his career by supporting himself. Here is your trust!

50 cents

50 Cent (Fiddy) is a high-stakes gambler, to say the least. In 2012, the New York Giants earned $500,000 when they beat the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Playoff Final. He bet because he heard voices in his head. Her grandmother got the most out of it, as 50 Cent gave her all the winnings.

That season didn’t stop there, 50 Cent was on his hometown New York Giants team. They reached the Super Bowl and faced The New England Patriots.

Fellow rapper Birdman offered 50 Cent a $5 million bet that the Patriots would beat the Giants. Fiddy didn’t accept $5 million, but accepted a $1 million bet, and his hometown team tumbled to earn him $1 million in just a few hours of waiting.

50 Cent even combined his love of gambling and his hatred of Floyd Mayweather. On Twitter, he offered her a $750K bet to successfully read a page of the Harry Potter book without stuttering. Mayweather of course denied this, but people social media He had a good laugh at Floyd’s expense.

Michael Jordan

While gambling is slowly opening up in the USA, Jordan is now a special advisor to sportsbook DraftKings. He sees the industry making great strides in the coming years and even buying stock in the company.

In addition to encouraging gambling, he also likes to whine. He is even said to have bet $100,000 on a rock-paper-scissors game to his friend! Still, he won – and lost huge sums in sports betting over the years.

Most famously, he lost $900,000 playing golf with the Chicago Bulls in 1993. At first, the businessman owed Esquinas $153 thousand, but after he left several times or later, that amount increased to $1.1 million. MJ reportedly paid $900,000 and turned down the final $200,000.

Later, Aquinas wrote a book about the chapter Michael and Me: Our Gambling Addiction.


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