Celebrity pull therapy to cope with life

October 10, World Mental Health Day. Date aims to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world, and it also aims to mobilize efforts to support such issues that affect thousands of people every day. Various taboos related to this issue are gradually being abolished, thanks in part to the well-known faces who make the issue visible. Unfortunately, this issue plagues a large portion of the population.

Dabiz Muñoz

A few days ago, Dabiz Muñoz, husband Cristina Pedroche placeholder image He admitted in El Hormiguero 2.0 that he received treatment in order to be able to succeed through his work.In fact, it has been awarded The best chef in the world. Recognition of your daily efforts.

Dabiz Muñoz in the file image. /Gtres

I have a stormy and poisonous relationship with success. Some people have a wrong concept of me because I projected it. It’s hard for me to digest these things. Sometimes I suffer from the good things that happen to me. It’s hard for me to enjoy them in a proper way,” he said. “When they gave us awards, the next day I was in an emotional hangover. When I woke up in Madrid, I went to Diverxo (his restaurant) with the pain of having to change everything. But this is not the case,” he added. “For a year, I have been looking at a psychologist who recommended to me, and she is very kind to me. It helps me contextualize based on what things. These psychological management of success and people’s perception of you have been digesting for 15 years. I’m still doing this,” he admitted.

Danny Martin

Dani Martín also admitted that he sometimes goes for treatment. He did this through social networks, and his followers applauded his sincerity. «I’m going to see a psychologist, maybe I can help others. I don’t think of myself as a reference, or a person trying to influence or tell what everyone should do in their lives, or similar stories. I have never eaten Buddha, nor have I stopped living my current wandering life,” said the singer. Danny Martin On his Twitter account.

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Marta Pombo

Marta Pombo Say goodbye to social networks on December 22, 2020. Later on February 2, 2021, he reappeared through a video, recounting his situation and why he spent several months disconnected from the Internet. “Because I am not in good health, I had to seek help from my psychiatrist”, tearful Maria Pombo’s sister resumed her job on social networks in April. “This cute—he means his dog—and I’m about to start sharing things with you again! I will do it bit by bit, because I am eager and scared,” he said.

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Throughout the process, Marta has been sincere to her followers. If he shows his crying on certain occasions, he does this to claim that there is no need to have any prejudice against those with any kind of mental health problems, let alone criticize others, because no one knows what he is doing . Passing by that person.this Influencer He recently revealed that one of the most important steps he took was when he admitted to his surroundings that he was emotionally uncomfortable, he took the most important step to liberate himself.

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