Celebrate World Pasta Day at the best Italian restaurant

This year, October 25th is World Human Rights Day Spaghetti, We admire the multi-functional dishes, because we can mix multiple ingredients in them.To celebrate it, we must know The best Italian restaurant, Pasta, especially pizza is not on the chart.

They come from different places. The reason why this dish is praised is that it can be fresh pasta, stuffed with where you can choose the sauce, the first dish, the second dish or the only dish.

Italian restaurants on World Pasta Day

Fratelli FiguratoFrom Madrid, celebrate the day with a fresh handmade pasta menu from Trattoria Popolare and specialties from the Parmigiano Reggiano Festival. The Figurato brothers successfully put Madrid The best food in a typical small Italian restaurant, In its menu, there is room for traditional recipes that guarantee success, as well as less traditional combinations, such as “Bigoli with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Pecorino, Caramelized pears and mint”.

For its part, next fall, the W Hotels Worldwide, a Marriott international hotel chain in Madrid, will be preparing to celebrate the traditional Italian social customs around tables, as well as the warm hospitality of the Mediterranean with the opening of the W Hotel in Rome.

Italian chef Ciccio Sultano will bring his extraordinary talents to the bold cuisine of W Roma and the gastronomic world of the Eternal City.

Chef Ciccio Sultano Authentic gourmet artisans approved by the Michelin Guide, with two Michelin star, Because of his personal way of explaining, he has earned a reputation Sicilian cuisineYou will be able to enjoy the traditional Italian food experience in the purest family style in this all-day culinary temple, and make suggestions for sharing. All pasta dishes are handmade with fresh Italian wheat semolina, rinsed with Sicilian oil and a little salt, this is Ciccio’s own style of trinity.

Daniele and Gianluca de Angelis, the owners of the Antichi Sapori de Angelis restaurant, are two Italian brothers from Belvedere Marittimo, a small town on the coast of Calabria in the province of Cosenza.

with Angeles, in Barcelona, In a very comfortable restaurant, they show their passion for Italian cuisine in every dish, where you can taste Typical Calabrian cuisine without any Spanish influenceThey are open every day of the week and are one of the 18 restaurants awarded the Italian ospitalità brand-ristoranti di qualità nel mondo by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona in 2012.

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