Čeferin addresses Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.


OREFAs are still open for admission real MadridBarcelona and Juventus return to the immediate environment of European football.

Alexander CheferinPresident of the governing body of European football, opened the doors to the three clubs that are still committed to the European Super League, and extended his hand to each.

“I haven’t heard anything from them” Ceferin said when asked about the three clubs in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche.

“But I don’t have any problems with them. Each of them has many good traditions and they deserve respect. If they asked to meet, I would sit down and talk to them.”

Čeferin again blames the Superliga: “They revealed a misunderstanding of the meaning of f

Three flat earthers

Ceferin confirmed that the Super League is a dead project, despite the fact that all three clubs are still stubbornly pursuing their goal of holding continental competitions outside of UEFA’s area of ​​responsibility.

“After they hit me and UEFA, I think they should call” Ceferin said.

“Just like the earth is flat, they still think the Super League exists.

“At the same time, they are the first to sign up to play in the Champions League this season. A little strange.

“But the only thing we hear from them is lawsuits that have no place. They are trying to push everywhere.

“Nobody wants [the Super League] except for those few who think football is all about money.”

Rubiales intervention

President of the Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales previously sought meetings with three clubs to smooth over problems following last year’s failed attempt to form a breakaway European league, and now Čeferin himself appears eager to rebuild burned bridges.

Europe’s current top-tier club competition, the Champions League, is set to return this month and both real Madrid and juventus participate in the playoffs of the tournament.

Barcelonameanwhile will play Napoli in the Europa League, having been knocked out in the Champions League group stage.


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