Cayetano Rivera, new passion and toast with Ana Boyer in the middle of their separation


Cayetano Rivera He has a new passion and it has nothing to do with bullfighting. The right-hander has traded his cape for the command of an airplane, taking up one of his great hobbies, airplane piloting. It is a hobby that has never hiddenwho is far from the family tradition and who had always figured as a pending subject which he has now resumed. A reason for joy that he wanted to share with his followers on Instagram.

The brother of Francisco Rivera has taken to the skies to cross the Mediterranean Sea in the company of some great friends: «Testing the gyroplane with the mega crack @francis_girodynamics and my friend @juanmanuelmartinnunez !! Very funny… and very daring 😅 😜 », he wrote. To carry out this extreme adrenaline adventure, he has moved to Aerodynamics Academy, the largest aviation school in Spain, located in Malaga. There he has left these photographs in the purest Tom Cruise style in top gun.

It should be noted that, if Cayetano Rivera decides to turn his passion into work, he must pass the demanding pertinent training required to pilot this type of air vehicle. To do this, they must pass subjects such as Air Law, Human Actions and Limitations, Aircraft Performance, Principles of Flight, Operational Procedures, Visual Navigation, General Aircraft Knowledge, Meteorology and Communications.

In any case, the adventure is only suitable for the most daring and has led to the reaction of people from the Cayetano Rivera family. For example, his brother Kiko Rivera, who has joked when he said that “I don’t ride with you or die.” Also his daughter Lucia Riverahas been pronounced, but to show his fear: “Watch out”the model has written next to two heart-shaped icons.

He also had the same fear of getting on a plane Eva Gonzalez. A year ago, I was commenting on the anthill that «I don’t trust Cayetano to take me by plane. I would not get on the first day, nor the second, nor the third… that one is Miss but not stupid», he said ironically before Pablo Motos. Some jokes that are now past water since the marriage between the presenter and the bullfighter has been completely broken for weeks. They live separately. She has stayed in her Seville house in Mairena del Alcor, while he takes refuge in the San Cayetano Recreation Center in Ronda. A few days ago they had a face-to-face meeting at the first home, but their relationship is still something “rough”according to the journalist Marisa Martín Blázquez, who pointed out that “it seems that they have not yet reached an agreement on a draft that they have to sign the divorce.”

Cayetano Rivera and Ana Boyer, on Instagram / @cayetanorivera

With whom the bullfighter has also shared time has been with Ana Boyer. Carmen Ordóñez’s son has participated in an event organized by a well-known brand of rum in the company of the daughter of Isabella Preysler and they have shown themselves to be accomplices, glass of wine in hand and enjoying a pleasant time at work.


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