Cayetano Martinez de Irujo reunites with his brother Alfonso


For Martínez de Irujo, the past few days have not been the easiest. Last Sunday, Cayetano organized a mass in the Gypsy Brotherhood of Christ in Seville to pay tribute to his mother.A date marked by a large number of absences implies The relationship between the children of the Duchess of Alba did not experience its best moments.

Cayetano Martínez de Irujo attended the funeral of Mercedes Domecq / Gtres

this Duke of Ahona Because he didn’t participate in the sacrifice, he didn’t hesitate to throw a strange dart at his brothers, tightening an already worn rope tighter, and letting people look forward to what the reunion between them would be like. That moment was immediate. It was at another funeral that Cayetano and his brother Alfonso met again. Everyone present was watching them, and they were expecting some reactions from both sides.arrive At the end of October last year, Mercedes Domecq Ybarra (Mercedes Domecq Ybarra) died of illness. The funeral that followed brought together the closest friends of the widow of Fermín Bohórquez Escribano, including the Count of Salvatierra (Salvatierra) and Hijar ( Híjar) Duke wait, this is a huge loss.

It was on this occasion that Alfonso Martinez de Irujo had the opportunity to explain publicly why he did not go to the Andalusian capital to accompany his brother to Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart Salute and defend his absence: “I have also had my own memories, remembering this seventh anniversary in an intimate and private way, no more, I don’t want to talk about these things”He replied that he made it clear that he wanted to ignore all controversies. Although he did not participate in the memorial activities, his mother was still present.

Alfonso Martínez de Irujo attends the funeral of Mercedes Domecq/Gtres
Alfonso Martínez de Irujo attends the funeral of Mercedes Domecq/Gtres

Although Cayetano Martinez de Irujo decided not to disclose his relationship with his brothers, he did not hesitate to emphasize the importance of this annual appointment to the media: “I think the quality once a year is normal. For thirty years, my parents completed this work in Loeches where he was buried, and so did my mother. This is a personal issue, a promise, and the minimum requirement you deserve. . […] Her ex-husband explained that when she became our father’s 20 years old, this was the minimum thing. Genova Casanova. However, although he could not feel the warmth of his relatives during the event, he revealed that some people helped him prepare: “This year, I have at least received the support of my brothers Fernando and Eugenia for mass and Obituaries… I don’t feel so alone.” But there is no trace of Alfonso.

Cayetana Rivera and her uncle Cayetano / Gtres
Cayetana Rivera and Cayetano Martinez De Irujo at Mass for the Duchess of Alba in Seville on November 21, 2021.

despite this, At the meeting is Cayetana Rivera. his appearance niece This couple is extremely happy Barbara Mijan, She hugged her together, thus showing the great friendship that exists between them: “I am very happy. He showed that he is free, independent, and he has a personality,” he declared.

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