Cayetana Rivera: Cherish her debut in Goyesca de Ronda

Almost two weeks have passed since the expectations Debut From Cayetana Rivera In Goyesca de Ronda but still waiting in line. It couldn’t be better for her to be the lady of the event for the first time. She won the applause of everyone when she became a lady at the celebration for the first time. A historicist dressed as Lorenzo Caprile (Lorenzo Caprile), shines with him.

The daughters of Francisco Rivera and Cayetana Martinez de Irujo have resumed her duties. This Wednesday, he attended a speech event with his mother and her boyfriend. After becoming the absolute protagonist of the aforementioned bullfighting, the media was there to look for their first words.

Tana Rivera attended a demonstration of GNRL Studios / Gtres

With a smile and kindness on his face,’Tana’ attaches great importance to the premiere at Goyesca. The first thing to do is to thank the reporters for their compliments when they told you she was beautiful: «Lorenzo is a genius, and so is my makeup artist Juan del Ojo». He is also very happy to share such a beautiful moment with other brothers.

Red once again became his obsessive color for participating in this event. It was in the aforementioned bullfighting celebration that it gave out its own light. Cayetana Rivera entrusted her dress design to Lorenzo Caprile, which gave a look inspired by the 18th century and recreated the famous Goyesque costume. This style has a perfect buckle on the beige XXL shawl, paired with a Manila shawl with turquoise embroidery. As an accessory, the young lady chose a fan to soothe the heat of September 4th and some earrings with beads.

The connotation of Cayetana Rivera as the president of Goyesca has a very special meaning because it follows a family trajectory. Her grandmother, the Duchess of Alba, was the chairperson of the Goyesque ladies in 1974 and Carmen Ordóñez in 1980. In addition, if possible, it would be more emotional to do this in 2021, because that is the 70th anniversary of Antonio Ordóñez’s alternative.

Lourdes Montes and Cayetana Rivera
Lourdes Montes and Cayetana Rivera have a good relationship / Gtres

The one who was very pleased with Tana Rivera’s debut in Goyesca is Lourdes Montes. Her father’s wife recently showed off a series of works from her clothing company, and someone asked her husband’s daughter’s prominence in Ronda. The designer is full of praise: “I am very happy because this is what her grandmother did, and was created by her great-grandfather, who is better than her, who knows what this day means to be a godmother. She gives it the importance and knows how to value it. This is a very exciting day.I am very lucky to have her… she accompanies me and helps me, she is great“, Say.

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