Castillo supporters wreak havoc in Peru


The Prime Minister of Peru, Pedro Angulo, launched a call for dialogue on Monday after announcing that the government of Dina Boluarte will form a crisis cabinet to deal with protests by demonstrators in favor of putschist Pedro Castillo that have erupted in different parts of the country. Death toll from protests rises to four after a protester died in the province of Chicheros (Andahuaylas) while another person died in Cerro Colorado (Arequipa).

“We call on those who provoke violence to put it down. We want dialogue: we open our arms to solve the problems that we know have not been solved before by the governments in service,” Angulo said.

On the images to which OKDIARIO had access, we can see several injured police officers, as well as the serious riots which occurred in Chicheros where relatives of the putschist of the Shining Path set fire to a police station. According to sources consulted in this way, these violent groups are financed by the Sao Paulo Forumthe movement founded by Lula da Silva and Fidel Castro spread communism in Latin America.

“There has never been so much foreign interference in Peru as until now. They are only looking for chaos”, affirm these same sources who accuse the Cuban ambassador in Lima, Carlos Rafael “El Gallo” Zamoraas the architect of these serious incidents.

They recover the airport

For his part, the Minister of Defense Alberto Otarolaassured that, “thanks to the Peruvian Armed Forces”, Arequipa airport “has recovered” after thousands of people staged clashes within its facilities.

“We will rise to the occasion. We support the National Police, we work 24 hours straight, without rest,” he said, insisting, like the Prime Minister, on a call for dialogue, according to the aforementioned agency.

On the other hand, in statements to the Peruvian RPP, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Oscar Veraassured that a delegation of Ministers of State would visit the area of ​​the demonstrations to engage in a dialogue with the demonstrators.

Later, the Ministry of Health confirmed on its official Twitter profile that there was four dead, eight hospitalized and 30 medical discharges as part of the clashes between protesters and police in different parts of the country.

“In addition, the sector has mobilized 51 health professionals and 12 ambulances,” he said, adding that the teams are monitoring the situation “permanently”.


The putschist Pedro Castillo called this Monday a “usurper” who until now was his number two, Dina Boluarte, who temporarily occupies the presidency, and assured that she would not abandon her mandate or abandon her functions. “I come to you to reiterate that I am unconditionally faithful to the popular and constitutional mandate that I hold as president and I will not resign or abandon my high and sacred office,” he said in a letter. of his own writing posted on social media. .

Castillo clarified that what Boluarte said recently, whom he called a “usurper”, “is nothing but the same snot and drool of the coup”, so that “the people do not not fall into his dirty game of the new elections”. He said he felt “humiliated, incommunicado, abused and kidnapped”. “Even so, (I am) clothed in your trust and struggle, in the majesty of the sovereign people, (and) imbued with the glorious spirit of our ancestors,” he added in another paragraph of the letter.

This comes hours after the Peruvian Congress on Monday morning approved the withdrawal of special jurisdiction for the former president, paving the way for a trial for his coup attempt last week, when he announced the dissolution of Parliament and decreed an emergency government. Boluarte also announced on Sunday evening that he would introduce a bill to bring forward the elections to April 2024 in response to social protests unfolding in various parts of the country against his government.


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