Castilla y León, La Rioja and Asturias, the most players in the Christmas draw


Madrid (EFE) del State (Selae), which also designates the Balearic Islands as the community where the least will be played.

These are the shipment figures for the November 10 draw, but they could still vary somewhat depending on the quantities that the administrations do not sell and return to the crown corporation as the final sales data will be known soon. time before the start of the draw. .. the 22nd.

At the moment, the forecasts and these sending data indicate that the cost per inhabitant of this draw will be 69.36 euros, and that the inhabitants of Castile and Leon will stand out, once again, for being those who invest the more euros in this lottery, with an average of 109.6 euros per inhabitant.

They will be followed by the inhabitants of La Rioja, with 102.54, and the Asturians, with 100.95 euros, and in front of this podium of the most “players” will be the citizens of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, who will be those who principle will scratch their pockets the least since they are expected to allocate only 43.70 and 39.63 respectively per person.

Sell ​​”positive”

Selae’s sales forecast is ‘positive’, a source from the organization tells EFE, but that will be confirmed in the coming weeks, as that’s when the bulk of purchases from this extraordinary raffle are usually recorded. and when families, work colleagues and friends change more, and at the last minute, a few euros to see ‘if it’s time’.

Concretely, the final data on sales will be known shortly before half past eight in the morning of the 22nd, when the table is set up which presides over the draw, which will authorize its start.

Archive image of the Christmas Lottery Extraordinary Draw hype. EFE/JJ Guillen

On the day of the draw and for about four hours, the sound of the children of San Ildefonso will be heard singing the prizes which this year reach 2,520 million euros and a total of 27,547,200 prizes will be distributed.

The 100,000 raffle ticket numbers enter the big hype, which is the biggest and most popular of all, and some lottery administrations like Doña Manolita have been reporting it for days, with mileage queues in the center of Madrid.

And it is that among the more than 2,500 million euros that will be distributed in prizes are the popular Gordo de Navidad, of 4,000,000 euros for the series; the second prize, 1,250,000 euros for the series; or the third, of 500,000 euros per series.


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