Castellino and Fiore: Neo-fascism and anti-vaccination “mafia” set fire to Rome and attacked hospitals


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Saturday night The center of rome This is a scene Urban guerrilla In what Italy, And did not leave anyone indifferent.A group of neo-fascists, taking advantage of the critical demonstrations of the Trans-Mountain Government and the mandatory nature of the organization New Crown Passport, To provoke riots in the Eternal City and create turmoil; more and more people worry-in the media and on the streets-that the true range of actions of the extreme right may be useful for their own purposes when protests occur.

Throughout the weekend, in fact, in Rome and other places in Italy Some people worry that the attack on Capitol Hill in Washington will repeat itself (United States) In the Alpine version.

In fact, extremists They targeted Chigi Palace, the seat of the Italian chief executiveBut when they were unsuccessful due to the resistance of the riot police, they decided to immediately change their plan and seize the headquarters of the country’s main trade union CGIL (Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro); release the rejection of the entire Italian political class: pro-European Left wing Enrico Letta (PD) and Giuseppe Conte (M5E) Sovereignty Matteo Salvini (Alliance) and Georgia Meloni (HDI).

During the night ride between Saturday and Sunday, After a serious quarrel, The Italian National Police arrested 14 people belonging to Forza Nuova, a neo-fascist party (FN), responsible for riots, unrest and attacks on the headquarters of the CGIL union.

The most popular name in recent hours is Roberto Fiore with Giuliano Castellino, The national leader of Forza Nuova (FN) and the head of Rome, respectively.To this day, both of them have acted as representatives of the people’s emotions The extreme right opposes vaccines, Covid passport and the Italian government.

The Italian police intervened in the riots.



Roberto Fiore, 62, has been in contact with the extreme right in Italy since he was very young: “I am not Hitler, and I have never been a Nazi, but a fascist, yes”, It is one of the words he said in recent years.

In the 1980s, he fled to London (UK) to avoid having to respond to Transalpine Justice after the issuance of an arrest warrant named after him. After becoming a fugitive, he was arrested in the British capital in 1982 under an international arrest warrant. In the middle of the same decade, in 1985, he was convicted in Italy for subversive organization and belonging to an armed group.

At the end of the 90s, especially in 1997, Fiore founded Forza Nuova (FN), trying to resurface in a more institutionalized way. Neo-fascism in the political structure across the mountains, Even if it comes from outside the parliament.

In 2008, Roberto Fiore Appointed as a member of the European Parliament, Replace Alexandra Mussolini, The granddaughter of the dictator Benito. Fiore participated in the Italian general election in 2013, but his party did not get more than 0.26% support.

Respected domestic newspapers, such as history Evening Post, Emphasizing Fiore’s cynicism when he talked about the absence of “violence” in his political discourse, because “violence is always wrong”, and then quite the opposite.

Giuliano Castellino, 45, There is a neo-fascism course, more confined to the city of Rome.Always Repeatedly accused of racketeering, More specifically a violation of instructions Rome football team.

For a long time, he allegedly blackmailed the sports association by asking for free tickets to the game in exchange for not causing riots on the corners.On the other hand, in July 2020 He was sentenced to 5 and a half years in prison Two reporters attacking Progress Weekly Italian-style condensed coffee.

After bypassing the anti-epidemic restrictions during the demonstration, the Italian authorities have been closely monitoring Castellino since January because he “organized the protests for the purpose of inciting riots against the forces of order.” In September last year, he received a court order that he will not be able to participate in any Rome games for the next 5 years.

The neo-fascist riots of the weekend continued even outside the center of Rome.In the evening from Saturday to Sunday, around midnight, a man in his 50s Transfer to hospital Umberto I from the Italian capital was treated after being injured in the riots. After the man arrived at the hospital, he began to violent medical staff and security personnel; rejected the idea of ​​being identified and made sure that they did not want to take any positive tests for the coronavirus.

after awhile, A group of right-wing extremistsThirty to 50 people from the rioted area approached Umberto I for violent acts on the hospital; leading to decisive intervention by the riot police until the early hours of the morning.

Five injured: Three nurses and two policemen. For a long time, violent elements blocked the emergency passage of the hospital, causing material damage at the entrance. The next day, the management of the Umberto I Hospital in Rome said: “This is a very serious gesture. We must stop the violence.”

In the past few hours, the most heated political issue within the Italian ruling class is what happens to Forza Nuova (FN) outside parliamentary training. In the last general election of 2018, only 0.39% of the vote was obtained, which means , Only the whole of Italy has more than 125,000 votes.

Middle left blockIn recent days, similarly, it has repeatedly called for the banning of Forza Nuova (FN) because it violates the democratic principles of the Italian Constitution, which prohibits the reorganization of the Italian Fascist Party (PNF) founded in 1921 Hand in hand with the Italian dictator Benito MussoliniIn order to dissolve FN, the judgment of the Italian Ministry of Justice or the decree issued by the Transalpine Ministry of the Interior is necessary.


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