Casemiro’s departure will not disrupt Real Madrid’s plans

ORone of the keys to RealMadridThe recent success has been the result of a well designed and executed sports plan that has always been followed.

This plan includes moving from CMK (Casemiro Modric Cruz) to younger midfielders, as well as replacing Karim Benzema two years from Erling Haland preferable Kylian Mbappe.

Two visits in two years

RealMadrid worked on the assumption that over the next two seasons (this and next) they would lose two of their three legendary midfielders.

On condition modric (who turns 37 in September), Kroos (32) and Casemiro (30) not of the same age, one would think that the Croatian would be the first to leave, despite his excellent form.

Is no longer necessary

Casemiro being the first to leave wouldn’t be too much of a setback given the recent arrival Aurélien Chuameni.

It is believed that the Frenchman, who is worth 80 million euros, was always going to take the place of the Brazilian at some point.

Now it might be sooner rather than later Manchester Unitedsentence Casemiro (they don’t double his salary, but it’s close).

Casemiro knows he’s no longer needed at Madrid, hence his willingness to go to Old Trafford, where he’ll not only make a lot of money, but become a guaranteed starter.

The fact that Madrid say it’s up to him to decide whether to leave or stay is significant.

Don’t force the transition

One of the keys to Madrid’s plan is the transition from three legends to Chuameni, Eduardo Camavinga, Federico Valverde and Dani Ceballos without disturbing the good atmosphere in the locker room.

Fact Casemirotogether with Karim Benzema, Modric and Krooshave always supported the youth, along with Carlo Anchelottithe company’s actions in this situation played a key role in moving the strategy forward.

The versatility of Camavinga and Alaba

Another positive point is that Ancelotti has several versatile players that offer various alternatives Chuameni in midfield.

Camavinga second option and To praise is third, given that he has already played there for Bayern Munich and Austria.

His experience, qualities and personality mean he never shys away from a challenge, which is why Madrid believe they are ready for it. Casemiropossible departure.


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