Carragher: Clubs don’t want Ronaldo, I’m not sure Manchester United want him either


Liverpool legend and current TV presenter Jamie Carragher believes that no European power will want to sign Cristiano Ronaldo this summer.

The Portuguese striker has applied for a transfer to find a club where he can play in the Champions League next season.

However, Ronaldo still haven’t been able to find a new command and Carragher claimed that the Portuguese international was not even wanted Manchester United new coach Eric ten Hag nor his teammates.

“I always thought that I [Ronaldo] was a strange signing, Carragher said.

“I always felt that this situation would come, even if Ronaldo did great.

“He signed a two year contract plus another year which I couldn’t believe and he is never going to play second fiddle to anyone but as players at some point in your career we all know you are not the same player anymore. and his career has lasted longer because he is such a great professional.

“But the fact that he is now 37, 38 this season means he is not the same player anymore. He is still a great scorer, but not the same player anymore. No other club in Europe wants to see him at the moment, I could be wrong.”

“But it doesn’t look like United can pull him out, so at the moment other clubs don’t want to see him.

“And I think if you asked There is a witchI don’t think he wants it. And I’m not quite sure what the dressing room’s in Manchester United would you like Cristiano Ronaldo right now.”


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