Carra Elehalde’s decision that caused him to lose the most money


At the age of sixty-two, this stocky Basque and brilliant actor’s birthday falls on October 10th. Karra Elehalde He is very clear about his profession. After a long time, not knowing such popularity as it is now, after a role in Eight Basque surnames, He is no doubt grateful that his character Koldo is constantly reminded of him on the street, but he is also a little fed up with popular oppression, and no one cites other happy interpretations of him, such as Miguel de Unamuno in while the war lasts, for example. He is not just a comedian: he dominates comedy, but also drama. An interpreter who has nothing to do with this archetype of “eight Basque surnames”. But he certainly contributed to this with his personal friendliness and his artistic talent. Divorced, the father of his daughter, also an actress, has been living in the Catalan town of Molins de Rey (Barcelona) for more than twenty years and always misses the homeland of the Basques.

Born in Vitoria in the family of a musician and a housewife. As a child, he helped them run the family business, a bar located in the Basque town of Salinas de Leniz, where they served food, snacks at the bar, and celebrated weddings and christenings. And here he is peeling potatoes or serving customers. He was deprived of many days of playing with his friends. Then he wanted to become an electrician, he jokes like that too could have been a priest, passed the School of Fine Arts from his hometown where he studied drawing and sculpture to complete drama courses when he became convinced that his calling was to make a living as an actor. And over time, he himself gave acting lessons. And he was a screenwriter for a couple of films, one of themwith marian year, much is celebrated. He also filmed two tapes. In short: with a lot of experience under his belt, hard and hard work, until he was recognized by two Goyas for Best Supporting Actor. Also proof of his notoriety is that he made several “commercials” promoting one brand of eel and another brand of ham.

Characterized by Unamuno in While the War Lasts | File, Archive

Until he spread his artistic name throughout Spain, his work was limited to the Basque provinces, in amateur and independent theater groups. Multifaceted, he has written songs for a couple of pop groups from his homeland. his real name is Carlos Elehalde Garaybut they know him by his Basque name carra. At the time when his mother was a fishmonger, he became known as “carramaro”, which means “sea crab” in the Basque language. And since there are always and everywhere nicknames, they ultimately approved of what Carra does on it. And he had to accept it and continue in the same spirit.

From his debut in 1985 to his appearance on screen with Eight Basque surnames a lot of time has passed. He interfered with roles that were not very important until he took the first one as the main character, dead mother Which meant a lot to him. But Eight Basque surnames, hid it. It was largely unknown and the story, directed by Emilio Martínez Lázaro, was a box office record, making millions for the production company, and Koldo would receive many job offers such as his sequel. Eight Catalan surnames. They wanted to shoot the third one, but the man from Vitoria refused. He admits that he has stopped making good money, but does not want to “burn out as an actor”, he needs other cinematic challenges. And so he intervened this year in They came at night Imanol Uribe and father’s life Joaquin Mazon. In this last film, he was in awe of being the owner of a large Bilbao restaurant stuck between ovens, which reminded him of the family business; who has an accident, falls into a estuary, disappears, and is found thirty years later with amnesia, with no memory of his past and no recognition of his son. Needless to say, he is a great cook who enjoys food. This is evidenced by his physique. And by the way: now he had to shave off his long beard, and he does not look like himself.

Carra married an actress Sylvia Bell, from whom he has a daughter, Ainara, who is twenty-one years old and has a great vocation as an actress. He encourages her as best he can, warning that the profession she has chosen is very difficult; many times you know about triumphs, but not about failures and unemployment. He, like many others, suffered. I know broke up, went bankrupt and spent four years in the grips of the Great Depressionuntil he was able to get up and continue. That this is life, that this is especially the life of comedians like him.



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