Carolina de Monaco, the bohemian princess of Lavapies


Surprise near Lavapies in Madrid.Princess Caroline of Monaco in Spain.sister Prince Albert He visited our country, specifically, to attend the opening of an exhibition at a cultural center in the central block.This is an exhibition by American deaf artist Christine Sun Kim, one of her works has been associated with International Contemporary Art Award. Accreditation granted by the competent authority princess of hanoverthe Pierre de Monaco Foundation, in memory of Prince Pierre, Carolina’s grandfather and Rainier’s father.

Carolina de Monaco was very attentive when visiting the exhibition.

A discreet and private visit, the princess once again splurges on elegance and style as usual. Alberto de Monaco’s sister opted for a fuchsia jacket, one of the season’s popular colors.Princess Carolina has been able to visit the exhibition, which is located at house on fireand also spoke with several attendees, including the artist himself.

Confirmed, the exhibition will be open to the public in two phases. The first phase runs from November 11 to January 2023, and the second phase runs from January 24 to a month later.The title of the sample is A series of echo traps There are three works in total.It also includes a Annotate Transcription Transcriptionwhich represents a space where two languages ​​intersect, and a digital animation in which the artist explores the concept of echo as a literal and metaphorical phenomenon.

Although now princess caroline has traveled to Spain for the opening of the exhibition, the fact is that a few days ago the princess had already met the artist in Monaco, her brother, Prince AlbertAt this conference, the artist received the award and was deeply moved by the recognition: “I’m still recovering from a short trip to Monaco,” the artist assured.

Caroline of Monaco admiring a painting at the exhibition.

Express Tour princess of hanover He came to Spain just a month after his brother Prince Albert visited our country. Prince Albert has received various promises in the city of Madrid and Cantabria.son Prince Rainier He attended meetings with the High Council of Scientific Research and used his stay in the capital to have lunch with King Felipe at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.Likewise, he also traveled to Visgow Bridge and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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