Carolina Darias: Sánchez the strength to be mayor of Las Palmas


The Minister of Health, Caroline Darias, will be the mayor of the PSOE in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Pressure from the Presidents of the Government and the regions, Pedro Sanchez and Angel Victor Torres, entered into force for the Minister of Gran Canaria to yield. Despite his reluctance to leave the ministry he currently occupies.

The decision of the current mayor of the island’s capital, Augusto Hidalgo, not to repeat himself, was the trigger for Sánchez and mainly Torres to convince Darias. The secretary general of the PSOE had always thought of her, in four years, as a replacement for the regional president.

With Darias, after the confirmation of Reyes Maroto, there will be two ministers of the government of Sánchez who will leave their current responsibilities to opt to be mayors of their municipalities. Neither the Minister of Health nor the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism had any intention of taking this step. Both were forced by the president. In the next few days, a third could be added, in this case yes, of their own free will.

Carolina Darias joined Sánchez’s cabinet after the victory in the November 2019 elections. For just under a year, she was in charge of the Ministry of Territorial Administrations and Civil Service. But with the departure of Salvador Illa to be a candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Darías occupied the Ministry of Health.

From this department, for the past two years, he has led the fight against COVID quietly but not without a lot of initiative either. He always left everything “in the hands of science”. Thus, to date, Spain is one of the only countries where the use of a mask in public transport is still compulsory.

His departure and that of Maroto will force a government reshuffle in the coming weeks. As OKDIARIO progressed this week, one of the names that Pedro Sánchez is considering to replace her is that of the government delegate in Madrid, Mercedes González, in exchange for her renunciation of being mayor of the capital. The Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism could be replaced by the Madrid adviser Enma López.


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