Carmen Sevilla: biggest concern for her after son’s words


There is usually little information about the true state Carmen Sevilla. She is one of the most glamorous Spanish actresses in recent decades and has spent seven years in special care Alzheimer’s diseaseHe suffered from a chronic neurodegenerative disease that left him with memory loss, familiar faces, and the fact that he was an acting star.

Closure and prudence have always been the main concerns in the family, who did not want anything to disturb the last years of the artist’s life. Several details were released because of speeches by Carmen Sevilla’s son.As a result of the interpreter’s marriage to Augusto Alghero, Augusto Alghero Jr. has married 10 minutes This week, he provided some details about his mother’s condition, a concern that has drawn global attention.

Augusto Algueró JR with his mother Carmen Sevilla /Gtres

Augusto’s speech was unfiltered, and pain and concern were distilled from his words: «unfortunately you don’t know mebut he received signs of our love and affection for him. It’s a tough and difficult situation for everyone, but we do our best. She was sick for a long time,” he said.

Alghero made no secret of his particular distress to see how his mother could not identify her when she was looking at her in her room: «Her situation is complicated, and my mother is very old . Nearly 92 years old. He met them in October. He currently has a short lifespan and is consistently recognized by health professionals. Her son has a strong bond with his mother: “I went to see her as much as I could, I was very close to my mother, and I liked being constantly informed and informed,” he told the magazine.

As a result of his first marriage, his only son was born: Augusto Jose Alghero, now the only one with close family friend Moncho Ferrer.  /Gtres
Carmen Sevilla and her son / Gtres

spanish bride This is living history Acting in our country, do not miss the opportunity to commemorate his eldest son: «My mother was a great artist who left a very important legacy in film. He has been making films for over four centuries.It was Carmen Sevilla’s first steps to appear in the documentary Iberian Domingo Villadomat.A year later, director Juan de Orduña gave him the chance to make his feature film debut Spanish Serenadeand in 1948 became JAlisco sings in SevilleHis career has been absolutely unstoppable since then, and he managed to write his name in gold letters in the 1950s.

Carmen Sevilla
Carmen Sevilla in a photomontage by LOOK/Gtres

a few months ago Monjo Ferrer, Carmen’s good friend, who gave the movie star’s health report: «He is as always. In a stable situation, but with a very strong heart. I was moved when I saw her because when I gave her roses she sang me a little imperial violet. I see her delicateBut it was treated well. This morning, her son came to see her. He’s a great guy, I don’t say that because we’re friends. He wants the best for his mother. “


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