Carmen Lomana: Queen of the Costa del Sol, handsome guy in bikini

Carmen Lomana Show everyone that age is not an obstacle that looks like a palm heart on the beach.At the age of 73, he put his White bikini It has become the queen of Marbella Beach. The socialite spent the entire August summer in Malaga, and she will go there as soon as possible before returning to Madrid.

Over the years, the Costa del Sol has become your summer resort. There, he already has many friends, and he has made various plans with them, such as celebrating his birthday on August 1 every year. The lion meets with them for dinner, spends the day and celebrates summer. His other favorite plan is to participate in a concert held by Starlite, which is one of the most famous festivals. From June to September, domestic and foreign artists participate every night.

Carmen Lomana has become one of the great protagonists of the summer of 2021 for many reasons / Gtres

Lomana enjoys her beach time very much, doing it alone, without obvious company.No trace “special person” He said he had entered his life. So far, it still thinks it is not suitable for showing it in society, so we have to wait a while. Who is the lucky person who successfully conquered his demanding heart?

People saw no one beside her, wearing a white bikini, her figure walking across the beach. He dared to take a dip, but judging from his posture when he touched the sea surface, the water was a bit cold. After calming down, Carmen Lomana came out of the water, put on sunglasses, and lay down on the recliner to relax. Live for her.

The businesswoman found a perfect oasis in Marbella, where she can rest every summer / Gtres

After becoming the virus queen, Carmen Lomana also made headlines last week. reason? It premiered on TikTok. Led by Omar Montes, on a yacht, the two performed a dance that swept through social media like wildfire. On the original soundtrack, the new song of the singer from Madrid and the close friend of Omar next to them are also music artists.

The video caused a lot of interaction, especially because it was sometimes seen that Carmen Lomana got lost in the choreography and was late for certain actions. There is nothing that cannot be improved with a little practice. However, you always like to see a celebrity face with this unruly attitude, without any sense of shame, and want to have fun.

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