Carmen Lomana goes crazy with Lidl’s viral heels that could save Queen Letizia


Lidl has done it again. Just a few months ago, the supermarket chain was fully established in the fashion world and managed to succeed with some of the most colorful sports shoes, yes, with the brand’s own shades. Within days, the shoes in question were sold out and more and more people were desperately searching for them. A sign that the company has not overlooked, having now taken advantage of the arrival of Christmas to highlight a new creation that has not been without controversy.

New “low price” heels / Lidl

This is none other than some high-heeled shoes, which of course have the company colors characteristic of Lidl. Undoubtedly a very bold venture for these dates, and which even some well-known faces have already chosen. This is the case of Carmen Lomana, who was transformed into a high ambassador standing of the company, did not want to miss the opportunity to announce the landing of this new article on its social networks. So much so that the socialite has had no qualms about donning the shoes in question and walking around in them dressed in their best clothes and showing that they are a style icon: “@lidlespana never ceases to amaze us. Lidl Lovers has achieved what we have long asked for on social networks”, he began by explaining, later going into more detail on the product: “A whole story that was born with the Fan Lidl phenomenon on the networks and ends at your feet. Lidl heels! Some great shoes, they have them in all sizes, and they are proof that fashion doesn’t always have to be linked to high prices,” he stated and later provided the purchase link for this shoe. On the website provided by the widow of Guillermo Capdevila, the heels are shown on the front, which have free shipping costs and a retail price of 19.99 euros. A very competitive amount with which Lidl once again shows that good results can be achieved with a minimum price, moreover these shoes are available in sizes from 35 to 46, and seems to be the most comfortablebecause its heel is not very high and they have a pointed finish at the front.

Without a doubt, everything indicates that this shoe will be one must for the upcoming and festive days, and may even be favored by royalty such as Queen Letizia or Infanta Elena. And that’s it, while the spouses always choose comfort on their feet, Felipe VI’s older sister usually uses clothes and accessories in her appearance which nods to Spainso what better way to show your love for the country than with a design Made in Spain with red and yellow finish.


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