Carmen Borrego protects himself from the accusations of Terelu Campos


Trelu Campos React on saturday afternoon Life Interview with Gustavo, the driver his mother trusted, Maria Theresa Campos. «I don’t want people to talk about my mother, anything or anyone, and I accept it very much, I was very nervous with him On the phone,” she said she was very annoyed. Besides, the mother Alejandra Rubio She said that she was the only one who pulled a cart and talked about the family situation she experienced.Maybe I’m a big idiot, but I have some principles that cannot be skipped,” he said, implying Carmen Borrego He did nothing for the happiness of the family. “Gustavo-María Teresa’s trusted person-knows better than anyone that those of us who have dealt with certain situations for more than a year are him and me. It’s all for me. Mother’s happiness,” he continued.

Carmen Borrego is in Madrid. /Gtres

Faced with these accusations directed at the little daughter of the morning queen, Carmen used her to Saturday Deluxe Room And his response was very straightforward. “No one here is good or bad,” he said. “Communication is not interrupted, although we are no longer together all day as before,” he continued to explain.

Carmen Borrego near Mediaset./Gtres
Carmen Borrego near Mediaset./Gtres

Carmen He assured that both of them knew his mother equally and worried about her health. »I want to tell you something that may not feel right, but I hope this matter is clear&# 8230; My mother went through difficult economic times Terelu can help her because she just sold her house and has money. I can’t. She might mean that because she can’t be anyone else. This has nothing to do with my mother’s health or my negligence. “Terelu has one way of managing things, and I have another way,” he admitted.

Carmen Borrego of Telecinco./Gtres Studio
Carmen Borrego of Telecinco./Gtres Studio

One of the collaborators, Belén Esteban, expressed regret for the rain of criticism that Terelu Campos usually receives. “You don’t have any ideas, I won’t go there, you can’t say:’Poor Trelu’,” she replied angrily. «If my sister says I put her aside, lie”, Borrego has already counted. «It is very difficult for us not to talk about family. I understand Terrilu’s position, although many times I don’t agree with it.I think your message hurts my mother more than we speak naturally. It seems that we have something to hide, just like my mother was locked up because of illness. My mother is the same age as her, with her good days and bad days,” the host’s daughter said.

After Carmen Borrego made these statements, the talk show was convinced that her words would not satisfy her sister, and that they would not spend the best moments of the family relationship. Jorge Javier Vázquez warned: “It will roll, you just opened a melon.”

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