Carmen Borrego and her benefit in the midst of the latest family drama


Carmen Borrego can’t take it anymore. It was during the past month of October when the collaborator gave an exclusive announcing the sweet expectation of a baby from her son, probably without even imagining that this movement would bring consequences. And it is that, from that precise moment, the relationship between the daughter of María Teresa Campos and José María Almoguera is null, something that, taking into account the family and Christmas dates that are to come, has the collaborator of Save me in suspense.

Carmen Borrego and Terelu Campos on the set of ‘Save me’ / Telecinco

Proof of this is what happened during the last broadcast of Save me. Everything seemed to be going normally until Alejandra Rubio’s aunt burst into tears when remembering the sad family situation he is facing. A most tense moment in which her sister, Terelu, came to her defense: “When a person is pretty fucked up, it is normal for their friends, family and colleagues to perceive and understand it and see how difficult it is for them to continue on a day-to-day basis. You don’t have to be ‘run, go and tell him’ or do an exclusive. You know it better than anyone, ”Pipi Estrada’s ex began by saying, quite firm in her convictions and emphatic in front of all the people who criticize her sister.

Carmen Borrego, very sad on the set of 'Sálvame' / Telecinco
Carmen Borrego, very sad on the set of ‘Sálvame’ / Telecinco

When the minutes passed and the waters returned to their course, Carmen, much calmer, monopolized the media focus to be forceful in her message: “I can’t with the injustices. I already said here at the time that no one can judge me as a mother. Those who know me and are by my side will never be able to say that I have done nothing wrong with my children. I don’t deserve it but there are other people that is unthinkable, so let’s all be fair and reasonable (…) By speaking everyone understands each other. I’m not going to throw myself on the ground so that nobody steps on me because I don’t deserve it”, settled the protagonist, while Terelu was positioned in her favor: “I am not going to consent to it”.

Carmen Borrego and Terelu Campos on the set of 'Save me' / Telecinco
Carmen Borrego and Terelu Campos on the set of ‘Save me’ / Telecinco

In this way, everything indicates that, although Carmen Borrego today does not maintain a very good relationship with her son, she will not spend Christmas alone. The collaborator She has the unconditional support of her husband and also of her family, being able to spend a part of these dates with Terelu, Alejandra and María Teresa Campos.. Without going any further, and despite the storm that was between them, it was during the past Three Kings Day when the sisters managed to smooth things over, and now it has been shown that, despite the inconveniences they may have experienced in the past, both they remain united in the face of all the adversities that may come to their respective lives, having formed an apparently unbreakable tandem and capable of overcoming any bump that comes their way.


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