Carmelo Jorda, the endless traveler


José Maria Marco and Nuria Richard interview the journalist Carmelo Jorda, who represents us Generally distant places (Anaya Turing), her first book.

Chord is an endless traveler. He admits, “I’ve been to very few places that I didn’t like.” When he returns from one of his antics, he already has the next one in mind. In fact, this is a double traveler, one who stops, appreciating someone else’s things with all his feelings, and one who traveler with slow digestion. When he gets home, he downloads hundreds of photos to his Mac and then captures the feel of what just happened to him in these usually distant places.


Journalist from digital freedom He explains that the choice of destinations was almost spontaneous, “there were sites that were claiming to leave, sites that were claiming their place.” The book reads like a novel of sorts, starring a character called the Traveler.

We visited Ireland, Egypt, Jerusalem. “Israel is a country that unites everything that could not be united. Unique contrasts. Fascinating,” says the author. Also New York, Rome, Berlin, Istanbul and Madrid, a city “that we don’t appreciate for what it’s worth”, according to Carmelo, “the more I kick it, the more beautiful it seems to me.” Full of “beautiful corners of ancient and modern architecture.”

The book also has two chapters. one dedicated Road high school, “something like a fingerprint of the landscape, and passing through it is an entry into the truth, inaccessible either from an airplane or even from a train,” he writes. The roads he traveled without a co-pilot or passengers, because for him “the best way to travel is simple. It’s less fun, but you’re in the right place.” table. Read:

“Deep down and in his gluttony, he prefers somewhat more modest establishments, with portions that guarantee satiety and raw foods on display that unreservedly offer all the flavor they naturally carry.”

The traveler Jorda is a grateful guy, “for me, any trip, even the most modest one, is a great adventure,” he says, “I get emotional, I get into the role and immediately enjoy it.”

Being a traveler means looking for and wanting to capture the “soul of the country”. Think about ways to get around. “Today’s traveler already travels with many images of places and what a destination should be.” On social networks like Instagram, there are thousands of profiles that promise to go to heaven on earth. Chord tells us that he “makes great efforts” not to be predisposed because the same image that is not yours “prevents you from enjoying what you find” because “the most important part of the trip is what you wear on it“. Journey is “what happens in you when you find something” and “what provokes you will remain inside you. The moment you were in the market. The genuine experience of another person is what can be of some value,” he concludes.

With Carmelo’s book, you can once again enjoy travel literature with images that will take you to the moment when this place gives the tourist an unforgettable reward.

They say that whoever stays journey to childhood and the journalist recalls that the first thing he did was in Valencia, his homeland, that he bought his first camera “when he was 13” and that his love for photography came from his uncle who painted: “I thought about photography as a substitute for paint.

Carmelo started in distant places, but he knows what is close, in Spain. An excellent guide to the cathedral and the landscape.

partner digital freedom He gives us some advice: “Live with the spirit of the traveler, with a certain level of awareness, so that you can continue to discover yourself and have fun, as if you were a guy who just arrived.”


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