Carlota Casiraghi’s husband denounces a ‘hacking’ attempt on networks


Despite being a member of the Grimaldi family, Dimitri Rassam prefers to remain in the discreet background. The husband of Charlotte Casiraghi he lives focused on his profession and hardly participates in some official commitments, always of a family nature. In fact, we saw him debut at the Monaco National Day celebrations last November, when he accompanied the daughter of the Princess of Hannover and her children to this important event, which was completely back to normal after the coronavirus pandemic. .

Charlotte Casiraghi with Dimitri Rassam in an official act. /Gtres

Just as Carlota is very focused on her collaborations with the Chanel firm and also on her family, Carole Bouquet’s son lives devoted to the world of cinema. It is common to see him in different acts related to the world of the Seventh Art, a passion that he inherited from his parents.

As usual in people who are dedicated to the world of cinema, the husband of Charlotte Casiraghi, Although he is very discreet with his personal life, he is not so discreet with his professional facet. For this reason, it is not surprising that he regularly resorts to social networks to share details of his projects, such as snapshots or videos of filming, information about premieres or even behind-the-scenes photos. However, sometimes the use of social networks can also lead to problems.

Dimitri Rassam and Carlota Casiraghi together at an event in Monaco. /Gtres

There are many people – anonymous and also known – who, over time, have complained of having suffered impersonation, hacking and similar problems in their accounts on social networks. Well, Princess Carolina’s son-in-law has been one of the last to have to face this problem. This has been confirmed by himself through a story that he has shared with his almost 4,000 followers on his Instagram profile.

On a black background and in English, the producer has written the following message: “To the person who is trying to hack my Instagram account, please stop,” he has published along with a sign that symbolizes the ‘stop’ and an emoticon with a puffing face. Carlota Casiraghi’s husband has also explained that he is tired of receiving messages asking him if he wants to recover her password, clear proof of the hacking attempt.

Dimitri Rassam profile post. / Social networks

Fortunately, it seems that the hacker has not been successful in getting hold of the producer’s account, which continues to publish its own content. In fact, just a few hours ago he shared the new ‘teaser’ of his latest work, the version of The Three Musketeers and took the opportunity to also promote the Italian film l’immensitain which he has worked with the Spanish actress Penélope Cruz.


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