Carlota Casiraghi “takes her pajamas out on the street” and triumphs with her look


At this point no one doubts that Charlotte Casiraghi She is one of the most elegant women in the world. Image of the Chanel firm, before her collaboration with the French Maison, the daughter of Princess Carolina of Monaco has also cooperated with other brands, such as Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci. Carlota is not only capable of dazzling on a red carpet with the most sophisticated dresses, but she is also a master in the art of wearing models in a casual key, which makes her one of the greatest exponents of fashion. effortless chic.

Carlota Casiraghi with a total denim look. /Gtres

As soon as we see her dressed as a gala, as if she was wasting savoir faire in an airport or wearing a caftan like nobody else on a seafaring day. An ability to adapt her outfits to any situation without losing an iota of elegance that she has inherited, how could it be otherwise, from her mother, the Princess of Hannover.

Despite the fact that Carlota is a true expert when it comes to wearing looks that seem little studied and that serve as inspiration for street style, the truth is that we did not expect Alberto de Mónaco’s niece to surprise by taking out her pajamas on the street, literally. It is true that a few years ago it became fashionable to bet on looks in a comfy key, with relaxed-cut garments, jogger pants, satin blouses and even slip dresses that seemed to have been taken from the drawer of ‘being at home’, but this has been around for a long time. fashion had not risen again, beyond some specific garment.

Now, the daughter of Carolina de Monaco has shown that pajamas can be the most sophisticated garment in the wardrobe. Of course, not just any pajamas and not in any act. The young woman has traveled to Senegal to attend the fashion show of the new Chanel Métiers d’Art collection. An event that has lasted three days and in which Maison has organized different meetings between artists, designers, students and personalities from the world of culture.

In addition to Carlota Casiraghi, numerous prominent figures on the international scene have attended the event, such as Pharrell Williams, Naomi Campbell and even the Spanish Rossy de Palma. However, as expected, all eyes have been on the eldest daughter of the Princess of Hannover. From the front row and without losing detail, Carlota has shown herself to be very comfortable on the spot, with a look, how could it be otherwise, from the French house.

However, it has been the style that he has worn in some literary meetings that has attracted the most attention. Casiraghi chose a pajama-style top and pants set. A look with a loose silhouette, with an original checkered pattern and the double “C” of Chanel. She completed her look with slingbacks in black and silver glitter. A relaxed style that, however, exuded elegance. Undoubtedly, a different way to ‘take’ the pajamas to the streets, although perhaps not everyone dares.


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