Carlos Sobera: His Legacy, Business, Partners and More Curiosities


monarch charles It has been one of the key parts of the Mediaset world for a long time and has not been discussed. The Basque has managed to carve a niche for himself in the host’s org chart, and it would be strange for a reality show to be without him.The last example is Heaven’s Nightmare, where he moderated the debate to end the week.before they come survivor, GH VIP anyone Secret Story: The Secret House. Did not forget his side as a matchmaker first date four.

His charisma, affable personality and sense of humor became his best weapons for success on the small screen. That’s quite an achievement if you consider that he’s a public defender, as evidenced by his degree at Deusto University. In practice, his career path has developed by other means, working as a professor of advertising in his native Basque Country.

Carlos Sobera, with his TP de Oro / Gtres

After flirting with theatre projects, in the late 90s he made the leap to the small screen on Basque Country TV, sponsored by a young Annie Igatibru. But his great year was 1999 when he became a 50×15, the game that made him famous on Telecinco. A format that will be republished later in the contest. Recognized success in the form of individual awards. After going through the payroll of Antena 3 or TVE and leading a different format and a juicy New Year’s Eve chime, Carlos Sobera returned to the leading Mediaset network in 2016.

Carlos Sobella Estate

Returning to the Fifth Path that time was a turning point in his life. It started with dating shows but gradually monopolized more shows like the ones already mentioned above. Its growth in television has matched economic growth.Carlos Sobera significantly improves his stats to enjoy today and for a long time financially soundAmong other things, this made him a prolific investor.It is worth highlighting that he purchased about 600 square meters of land in the center of Paseo de la Castellana, where he established the businesses that brought him close 2 million euros.

Carlos Sobera and his wife Patricia Santamaría / Gtres
Carlos Sobera and his wife Patricia Santamaría / Gtres

Close to that figure is the cost of the kind of house he and his family live in in the town of Madrid. cudarcampo, one of the best residential areas in the capital. A spectacular designer cottage where he and his wife live, Patricia Santa Maria With their daughter Martina, and Arianna Aragorn, it’s the result of Patricia and Roddy Aragorn’s previous relationship. From there, he won’t hesitate to execute some advertising promises to complete his Mediaset payroll.

One of his most famous investments was one he made in the acquisition of the famous Reina Victoria Theatre, very close to Madrid’s Puerta del Sol.In exchange, he paid 7 million euros, but dedicated sources say he managed to invoice twice as much, and because of the business – among other things – he managed to accumulate 10 million euros in assets. He changed hands when he started losing money in 2018 and showed a strong ability for the world Businessin case it has processed very few records.


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