Carlos Sánchez, former partner of Luján Argüelles, induced a coma after a serious accident


Carlos Sánchez, former partner of Luján Argüelles, You have had a serious accident Induced coma. With the development of the digital version of the magazine 10 minutes, Merchant sailing pleasure boat Collided with rocks in the swamp de Entrepeñas, located in Guadalajara. The emergency services department rushed to the scene without hesitation and immediately provided help to him and transferred him to the medical center.

Luján and Carlos taking pictures / Gtres

Medical sources confirmed to the aforementioned media that the host’s ex and her daughter’s father In an induced comaHis condition will be stable, and his evolution will be positive, so facing his recovery, the doctors have passed the peace to his closest friends. There is no more news about its status, but it is expected to be updated in the next few hours.

Lujan Aguilles
File image of Luján Argüelles and Carlos Sánchez / Gtres

Carlos and Luján started dating in a very cautious manner in 2013, although they have known each other for a long time because they still maintain a friendship.The host commented in 2017: “We have been in a relationship, but about five years ago, we started to meet more often.” In 2015, they had their happiest moment, their birth Common daughter, A girl their name is Miranda, she is still with them, because although they ended their love story in 2020, they continued to maintain their relationship after giving birth. “It’s good to be with Carly. Good. I keep saying: We We have been close friends for a long time.This will always be“, he quickly recognized Reading.

New TV project

The news of his ex-partner’s accident coincided with a day when Aguilles was supposed to be very happy, because people knew it was Selected to show reality show by Netflix Who likes my followers? Candidates are looking for partners and are sure to succeed in the plan because they have a wealth of experience due to other plans, such as Who wants to marry my son or The prince of Corinna. “I can’t use words to express our enthusiasm and desire to share this project,” he wrote on his Instagram profile on Thursday, not knowing that happiness will remain in the background in just a few hours.

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