Carlos III, widely acclaimed in Scotland: ‘My dear mum will be delighted’


UK is back to normal. While we’ve been witnessing the first changes in the royal family since Queen Elizabeth’s death in recent days, it’s only now that Carlos III and his wife Queen Camilla have finally resumed their agenda and have become kings.After the mourning, the couple chose Scotland as the place of their first commitment, an emotional nod to Elizabeth II, who especially enjoyed her season in Scotland Balmoral.

The king and queen begin their agenda by formally granting their status Town to Dunfermline, as part of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration. On an emotional date, they took a shower, and Carlos III wanted to remember his mother and said that the moment would make his heart very happy, “and mine too”.

King Charles and Camilla in Scotland. / Getreth

Upon arriving in Fife, the kings were greeted by a group of locals, including a group of pipers and a group of children. Carlos and Camilla approached them without hesitation, taking a few minutes to get to know them and have a brief conversation.One of the people who was able to talk to them told daily mail I was very excited at that moment.

The monarch also chose A tribute to Scottish culture He wore a blue and green traditional kilt, while his wife opted for a green dress and coat.

King Charles and Camilla in Scotland. / Getreth

During the ceremony, Carlos III announced that he was delighted to grant the town city status and wished that the citizens would be very proud of this new stage. “I was delighted when it was announced in May that Dunfermline was one of eight communities to receive city status in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. There is nothing like this honor being awarded to a A place known for its long and distinguished history and the integral role it has played in the life of our country is a more fitting way to honour the extraordinary life of service of my beloved mother,” said the monarch in his first Visible movement in a public operation.

The King and his wife also held a reception at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh to honour the British community in South Asia. Appointments with more than 300 guests, many of whom will be recognized for their community contributions to the National Health Service, arts, media, education, business and the armed forces. Likewise, the monarch is expected to hold his first consecration ceremony as king among a small group of local residents.


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