Carlos III in front of his mother’s mirror: The monarch’s silent war


different birthday for him King Charles III. The monarch celebrates his first birthday as sovereign this Monday, but it is an anniversary with a bittersweet taste, since it comes just two months after the death of his mother. A 74th birthday in which the eternal Prince of Wales blow out the candles converted King but with the memory of the Queen Isabel still very present.

King Charles in York. / Gtres

Barely two months have passed since the long-serving head of state breathed her last at Balmoral Castle and the new King has already begun to make some changes, but they are still minimal for the important revolution that has been taking place for quite some time. been talking about and that, to a large extent, is reminiscent of that of his ancestor, George V, his great-grandfather, the first monarch of the house of windsor.

Changes that have to do with the structure of the Crown, which, according to King Carlos III, should be smaller and more efficient. In times of Queen Isabel, there were many more members who represented the institution, including cousins ​​of the sovereign, as well as her children and some of her grandchildren. However, the new monarch wants the representation -and therefore, the expenses and remuneration- to be limited to a certain number of people. This is a long and complex process, given that, in the current circumstances, the King could not limit the structure of ‘The Firm’ only to the spouse and the family of the Prince of Wales. We must not forget that the departure of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has left Carlos III without two troops and that the sons of William and Catherine they are still minors, so he has to rely on part of his brothers. In this regard, they still play an essential role Earls of Wessex and the princess annesince, in addition, the Duke of York is completely out of the game.

Carlos III and Camilla / Gtres
King Carlos III and Queen Camila after the death of Queen Elizabeth. / Gtres

However, even though the prince andrew He has been disconnected from the institution since the Epstein scandal broke, several sources suggest that the Duke of York continues to be a headache for the King, while claiming an active role. A ‘family war’ to which is added the Duke Of Sussex, whose next memories that will see the light in the month of January promise to unleash more than one controversy.

Elizabeth II and Prince Charles laughing / Gtres
Queen Elizabeth II and her son Carlos laughing. / Gtres

Without a doubt, the book prince henrywhich is titled spare -term that in the monarchy is used to designate the ‘replacement’ of the heir- is going to generate more than one storm in Windsor. Between the premiere of the last season of The Crown and Enrique’s memoirs, months await Carlos that are reminiscent, to say the least, of that Annus horribilis of which the Queen Isabel in the year 1992. A silent war, from within, but also from without, with which the monarch has to battle after more than half a century waiting for his moment. Perhaps now, more than ever, the new monarch will have to look back and try to bite the bullet in the same way that his mother has done throughout her more than 70-year reign. Because if there is something that Elizabeth II knew how to do with mastery, it is to deal with storms with absolute temperance.


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