Carlos Herrera’s happiness after Ana Rosa Quintana’s return


reporter Charles Herrera He didn’t want to miss out on enjoying the fall festival in Las Ventas on October 12th.He did it a few hours after being at the reception Hispanic Heritage Day Provided by His Majesty the King and Queen at the Royal Palace. After two years of the pandemic, receptions are finally back to normal.In fact, it has been one of the largest in memory, with 2,500 guests, which makes King Felipe and Queen Letizia Had to pause four times to greet all attendees.

Journalist Carlos Herrera at the Royal Palace. / Getreth

The veteran journalist loves the art of Alejandro Talavante, Roca Rey and Francisco de Manuel, but before that, he didn’t hesitate to visit the cameras of the Gtres Agency. The correspondent said he was sure it was a big day: “Hopefully it was a good afternoon, the bulls were up to the task and the bullfighters knew how to take advantage of it”, commented an enthusiastic Carlos Herrera about the bullfight.

Charles Herrera
Reporter Carlos Herrera at the bullring in Las Ventas. / Getreth

last Monday, Ana Quintana She resumed her work at El programa de Ana Rosa after 11 months out of the limelight due to breast cancer. “I’m so happy for Ana Rosa to be back because she’s one of my older sisters and I’m madly in love with her, her success is my success and her health is my health. So life can go on for many years “, said Carlos Herrera, who this time went to the bullring alone, without his partner Pepa Gea, with whom he “official” his relationship via social networks within a few weeks. “I’m with Roberto Gomez,” he commented humorously. He barely had time to talk about his children because he left in a hurry. “As far as I know, they’re fine,” he said.He also did not comment on whether his daughter dew Getting married: “Well, I don’t know.”

Charles Herrera
Carlos Herrera with some friends at the Bullring in Madrid. / Getreth

The reporter returned to his day job on Thursday after attending a reception on October 12, and as expected, he analysed some of the keys to the big day on his show. “I don’t know if it’s already clear why we are on this microphone with a press critique of the current Prime Minister. Following what happened yesterday in the preview of the march on October 12, a few things are clear,” the spreader said. The interviewer first said he commented on several details of Hispanic Heritage Day and was critical of the CEO’s attitude. As well as his agreement ruling in front of the head of state, he had to wait almost two minutes in the car due to his delay.


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