Carlos Aguignano’s family drama: Wife never leaves home

Karlos Arguiñano revealed the complicated situation his family is going through. Although we are accustomed to seeing him always joking and trying to make the audience smile with his jokes and jokes, the truth is that his small circle is not doing well at the moment.In a statement to the magazine WeekThe chef admitted that his wife almost never left home because she was very afraid of the consequences of the pandemic. like he said, Maria Luisa had a real panic about infectious diseases, so she took extreme precautions He tried not to associate with anyone so much that he still lived like a panic. Although Arguiñano tried to get back to normal bit by bit, the situation of the whole family was very complicated: “It took us too long and this story is really difficult. My wife Luiz did not run away from home because of grief,” he confirmed. . In fact, she promised that she even criticized him because he left the house more often than she thought necessary: ​​”She told me’you go out often,” she said.

Chef Karlos Arguiñano File Image/Gtres

This voluntary state of alertness is not the only change that this marriage has experienced recently. As a result, they can barely keep in touch with their families, which becomes very difficult. Although they live in the same city and think it is very compelling, they have not seen their grandson for nearly a year. However, it seems that the situation will not change at the moment, because Maria Luisa’s attitude is very different from her attitude before the pandemic: “My wife is a captain all her life,” the chef said of her.

This new reality in his life made him make an important reflection. Arguiñano believes that it is very important to make the most of every moment and not to leave anything behind, because you never know what will happen: “Now I will be 73 years old, I warn you, more specifically, this time, make good use of you Every minute of life. Don’t leave anything for tomorrow”, emphasize chef.

Chef in a show in Madrid / Gtres

Although the measures have been relaxed a lot at this time, and the normal state before the pandemic has been restored bit by bit, for many people, this return to routine is very complicated, especially due to the emergence of the whole situation. Lived. In this regard, the chef, who has always been characterized by optimism and cheerfulness and seeing the positive side of things, tries to help his relatives, especially his wife, look at the situation from the same perspective, although not always successful. He and his wife are very close to their family and hope that soon everything will get better and the risk will end so that they can resume their normal lives.

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