Carla Vigo or the growth of a new revenge icon with big ambitions


It can be said that last year was the most special year of Carla Vigo’s life.Although she has been in a closed background until now, the social network and her self-confidence have made her a Queen Letizia is trying to achieve all the goals he has set for himself, which is why in the last 22 years he has accomplished, Look We want to look back at some of the most remarkable media moments of the past twelve months.

About Carla Vigo, he says she has a lot of sparks/Gtres

On October 30 last year, the daughter of the late Érika Ortiz 21-year-old debut, debut is nothing more than in the theater hand from Raphael Bitter exist barrenThe work was a huge success, with the young woman showing off her skills, playing like a duck in water on the stage, gradually relaxing, and later resonating on social networks, becoming a cult influencer And a revenge icon that doesn’t exist in a regulatory body, positioning himself as a hater who has harshly criticized the look he chose to celebrate the new return to the sun:”What’s going to happen because I have wide hips and I can’t wear tight dresses anymore, or what’s going on? Or is it because my size makes my tummy a little… gentlemen, it’s called having organs, in fact, flat is not healthy at all, because you don’t protect them, let’s see if we look into it a little bit, don’t talk nonsense, please”, he passed his story from Instagram.

Carla Vigo Show / Gtres
Carla Vigo Show / Gtres

In doing so, the social network will be his best ally, expressing his feelings and opinions on a variety of current issues to his nearly 30,000 followers without having to worry about posting lighthearted snaps or wearing a swimsuit. As if that wasn’t enough, she also undertakes other tasks, such as distributing publicity, for her own financial gain: “There are new projects coming out, and I have to do other things to make money,” she admits with obvious pride.

Carla Vigo / Instagram Stories
Carla Vigo / Instagram Stories

Carla, who has transformed into one of the most genuine people in the 2.0 universe, didn’t think twice about giving her opinion on one of her aunt’s most salient issues of the summer. It’s her slender, toned figure that the niece exaggerates: “It’s her body. If she looks comfortable like that… In my personal opinion, I don’t want them to say I’m manly, The figure is good, but such arms don’t look good on girls.If I had those arms I would look horriblebut if she looks like this…” he assured, giving his opinion directly from the royals.

But in these 365 days, not everything was a good time, and princess eleanor It also crashed on Instagram while recalling the death of the deceased Tik Tok Charlie, his energy reminded him of his mother.


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